Many Thanks to Our Generous Patrons

Gathering 4 Gardner would like to thank the following donors (since January 2016).














Berlekamp Foundation Logo

Elwyn and Jennifer Berlekamp Foundation

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Nancy Blachman – 
 Chair, G4G and Founder,

Simons Foundation

Simons Foundation

Sarah Garvin Rodgers

Polymath Circle


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Bill Ritchie –

Chief Creative Officer, ThinkFun

Jade Vinson

Mathematicians Circle

Rob Jones

Colm Mulcahy

Dave Rossetti & Jan Avent

Henry Strickland


Puzzlers Circle







Hilarie Orman & Richard Schroeppel

Gwen Roberts

Rick Sommer

Norton Starr

Stephen Turner

Anonymous (2)

Magicians Circle 










Thomas Banchoff

Irl Bivens

Robert Bosch

David Cohen

Frederick Henle

Chris Hibbert

The Martin Gardner Literary Interests
General Partnership

Mickey McManus

Aaron Siegel

James Stephens

Anonymous (1)

Writers Circle








Adam Atkinson

Nick Baxter

Bronna Butler

 Joe Cassavaugh –
Puzzles By Joe

Timothy Chow

Tom Davis

Todd Estroff

Barry Hayes

Frederick Henle

Lyman Hurd

Stanley Isaacs

Josh Jordan

Margaret Kepner

Maria Levitin

Andy Liu

Tomas Rokicki

Anna Sheen

Jim & Liz Solberg

William Tunstall-Pedoe

Greg Whitehead

Skeptics Circle













Sorin Alexe

Pierre Berloquin

Simon Bexfield

Jim Bumgardner

Joe Celko

Robert Crease

Yossi Elran

Roger Friedman

Robert Fuhrer

Abel Garcia

William Gasarch

Andrea Gilbert

Rik van Grol

Masayoshi Iwai

Justin Kalef


Craig Kaplan

Louis Kauffman

Peter Knoppers

Ronnie Kon

John Miller

Paul & Catherine Mohr

Craig Newswanger

Marti Reis

Peter Renz

Will Shortz –
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

David Singmaster

Charles Sonenshein

Robert Vallin

Anonymous (7)



And … You!

The G4G Foundation is supported by our community.


Gathering 4 Gardner, Inc. (the G4G Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia. Financial contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



Many Thanks To Our Generous Volunteers

We would also like to thank the following people who have donated their time and services (since July 2016).

  • Nancy Blachman, Erik Demaine, Colm Mulcahy, Jim Gardner, Mark Setteducati, and Jade Vinson – G4G Board of Directors
  • Bruce Oberg – Presentation Coordinator G4G8 through G4G11, G4G Chairman Emeriti
  • Dana Richards, Dick Esterle, Stan Isaacs, Harini Federickson, Jane Kostick (and student volunteers), Colm Mulcahy, Mark Mitton, and Jim Gardner – G4G at National Math Festival
  • Robert Vallin, Susan Goldstine, Stan Isaacs, John Miller, Yossi Elran, and Margaret Kepner – G4G13 Invitation Committee
  • Alice Peters, Nick Rauh, Nancy Blachman, Neil Calkin, Yossi Elran, Chaim Goodman-Strauss, Stan Isaacs, Belinda Keir, Chris Morgan, John Railing, Jorge Nuno Silva, Henry Segerman, and Tanya Thompson – CoM Planning Committee
  • John Miller – G4G and CoM websites and Gift Exchange Books
  • Tom Rokicki, Thane Plambeck, and Nancy Blachman – G4G Tribute book
  • Jim Wilder, Jim Propp, Tiago Hirth, and Jennifer Lee – G4G13 Youth Initiative
  • Mark Mitton and Mark Setteducati – G4G13 Entertainment Committee
  • Dick Esterle, Sarah Garvin, Rob Jones, Colm Mulcahy, Shawn Vinson, and George Hart – G4G13 off-site event
  • George Heart, Pavel Curtis, Thane Plambeck, Bee Bordeaux, Mark Setteducati, Chaim Goodman-Strauss, David Singmaster, Dick Esterle, Stan Isaacs, Chris Morgan, and Tanya Thompson – Input on G4G13
  • Robert Vallin and Colm Mulcahy – G4G Social Media Account Managers