If You Love Math, Magic & Puzzles, Get Involved!

There are many ways to help G4G, financial contributions are always appreciated, but volunteering at events or applying for one of our volunteer positions is another great way to help out and gain experience while supporting a great cause!

G4G needs a few talented folks to help with various tasks and spreading the love for Martin Gardner. If you’re interested in any of the positions below, contact us at: volunteer@g4gfoundation.org


Social Media Guru

Are you savvy with social? Friendly with Facebook? If so, we need your help! We’re looking for someone to help unify our social media efforts and give practical advise and best practices tips.



G4G13 Conference Volunteer Opportunities

G4G13 Gift Exchange Bag Stuffer – Prepare bags with attendees’ gifts, usually done a week before the Gathering.

G4G13 Registrar – Register people at the conference and for events at the conference.

G4G13 Gopher – Help out as needed.

G4G13 Ask Me – Answer questions for attendees.

G4G13 Ticket Collector – Collect tickets at events.

G4G13 Distributor – Place schedules on tables and hand out materials that need to be distributed.

G4G13 Security – Watch over the sales area and other areas when attendees are at the talks or at meals.



Celebration of Mind Event Hosts

After Gardner’s passing in 2010, his friends and readers began the tradition of hosting annual events on or around his birthday, October 21st. Since then there have been hundreds of Celebrations from Helsinki to Antarctica, Bombay to Silicon Valley, sharing in Gardner’s many interests with such intriguing activities as math puzzles, logic puzzles, hexaflexagons and Möbius strips, magic tricks, card tricks and visual paradoxes.

Anyone who loves puzzles, math, Lewis Carroll, critical thinking, or intellectual challenges should consider hosting an event of their own! The Celebration of Mind website offers plenty activities for new hosts.