We have been trying to reach a handful of past G4G attendees and new nominees whose email addresses have “bounced”. If you could please take a minute to review the Bounced Emails List and let us know if you have up-to-date contact information for any of these individuals, we would really appreciate it. Please send updated email addresses to support@g4gfoundation.org.


First Name Last Name
Cihan Altay
Janet Barnett
Gordon T. Bean
Jennifer Beineke
Michael Blastland
Quincy Brown
James Carey
Kendall Clark
Andrew Dilnot
Dale Dougherty
Alan Eustace
Ruthe A. Farmer
Alex Fink
Raymond Flood
Edward Frenkel
Norman Geddes
Larry Gonick
Danny Goroff
Blane Hollingsworth
Justine Houyaux
Thomas Hull
Fae M. Jencks
Melvin Johnson
James McLurkin
Yoko Ogawa
John Overdeck
John Allen Paulos
Josh Purinton
Melissa Rioux
Gregory Travis
James M. Van Verth