CoM Show | Performing Magic on the Virtual Stage

Monday December 21, 2020 
– Live Show and Discussion with Nathaniel Segal – 

At noon ET (12:00 pm EST)

Please join us starting 10 minutes before the session using the following button.

In this interactive talk that is part math lesson, part magic performance, and part secrets divulged, Nathaniel Segal will discuss the benefits and challenges associated with creating magic for the virtual platform. Through his original magic square routine, he will talk about making presentations interactive. He will also discuss some of the secrets of the technical side of virtual presentations and how to make your online presentations more engaging and entertaining. Bring a deck of cards to follow along with the magic and prepare to be amazed and informed – virtually!
Nathaniel Segal is an award winning full time magician and magic creator. He has an applied mathematics degree and theater minor from UC Berkeley and is a published magician. He was a past president of the Oakland Magic Circle and presenter at G4G13. He now performs and teaches magic all over the world virtually. He won first place in one of the first ever virtual magic competitions at AbraCORNdabra and was written up in KQED on adapting to online performances. He specializes in performing corporate magic for some of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Find out more at:  

4 thoughts on “CoM Show | Performing Magic on the Virtual Stage

  1. Robert Vertes

    Is there any chance of making a recording available? especially of the performance prior to the Q&A?
    if so how do I access it?
    I clearly got my time conversions wrong and am too late..

    • Tiago Hirth

      Dear Robert, we are working on making our virtual lectures available. We’ll release them on our Youtube channel. You might want to subscribe there to get notified when they get released.

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