Calling All Makers!

Join other creative thinkers, mathematicians, artists, magicians, and fellow makers from around the world at this special event happening Friday, April 13th in your very own Decatur community.


Be Our Guest For Networking & Group-Build Activities

Gathering 4 Gardner is hosting its 13th Biennial Gathering, an invitation-only conference that started in 1993 and is held every two years in Atlanta, Georgia for several hundred attendees. This year, Gathering 4 Gardner is extending the invite for their one-day off-site event to the Decatur Maker Community.

Guests are invited to join us on Friday, April 13th from noon to 10 pm. Start the day with exclusive access to Sarah Garvin Rodgers’ new home and art gallery, Different Trains, in the artistic neighborhood of Decatur. Then join us for a street festival featuring a tent packed with BBQ and drinks, sculpture-building, and socializing. As the sun sets, guests can choose from a number of Decatur establishments for dinner followed by a cocktail reception.

What is the Gathering 4 Gardner?

The Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation is comprised of a community of people who share the interests of Martin Gardner. Gardner is celebrated and honored for popularizing recreational mathematics, bringing delightful, magical, and wondrous mathematics to laymen and mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. The 13th Gathering 4 Gardner Conference is a 5-day invite-only event, with the exception of the Decatur Makers who are invited to be our guests at the off-site 3rd day of the conference. If interested in attending the full G4G conference, you may nominate yourself or someone who may be interested here.

This Offer is Limited to the First 10 Guests From the Decatur Makers

  • Date: Friday, April 13th, 2018
  • Time: Noon until 10pm
  • Daytime Activities: Join Gathering 4 Gardner’s 200+ guests for BBQ lunch, sculpture building and community exploration.
  • Evening Activities: Choose a Decatur establishment for dinner followed by a cocktail reception.
  • Location: The event begins in a tent on the streets of Decatur & ends with a cocktail reception (location to be announced).G4G Off-site Event
  • Price: $110 per ticket.
    Each ticket includes BBQ lunch with local craft beer & wine, sculpture building activities throughout the day, $25 towards dinner at a Decatur restaurant of your choice, and a cocktail reception with entertainment in the evening.
  • Attendees: Our participants include professional and amateur mathematicians, magicians and performers, artists, educators, scientists, and anyone who is inspired by the same interdisciplinary curiosity that excited our namesake, Martin Gardner. We look forward to 10 members from the Decatur Maker community joining us to make connections and participate in the sharing of ideas.
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