We’ll meet up in Gather.town – Socializing & Discussion 

12 noon ET*  every Saturday
(*) 17:00 UTC/GMT

also immediately after the CoM on the 21st of each month

You must be on the guest list to enter the space.

If you are unable to enter, please send an email to gather@g4gfoundation.org.

Starting with the October Virtual Celebration of Mind, we used Gather.town as a way to mingle and chat after each of the presentations.  Over fifty people from the G4G community engaged with each other in the space after the presentations, and we could all see and talk to each other.

We plan to keep using this Gather space, in two ways.

First, we will meet in the same Gather space after after each CoM. (Those are at 12 noon ET on 21st of each month, so the Gather sessions will start around 1pm ET on those days).

Second, every Saturday at noon, 12pm ET, we will meet there as our own schedules allow. If a Saturday falls on the 21st (which next occurs in May 2022), the noon Gather session will be on the next day, namely the Sunday, at 12 noon ET). Two “rooms” will be set up in the space:

    • No Theme
    • Theme – The theme will change each week. (Click Here for updates on weekly themes.)