2016 CoM Events

Take a look at the 2016 Celebration of Mind (CoM) events around the globe. From big to small, these public and private gatherings are designed in a spirit of fun and curiosity to celebrate and unite kindred souls. We hope to bring people together over puzzles, games, math, and magic. Locate an upcoming Celebration of Mind event in your area or host one of your own! Check out our online repository of resources which is accessible to all and continues to inspire new generations!

january 2016

No Events

february 2016

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march 2016

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april 2016

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may 2016

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june 2016

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july 2016

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august 2016

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september 2016

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october 2016

18oct12:00 pm3:00 pmOne Hundred Factorial / AUMS Barbecue

18oct7:00 pm7:00 pmWinnipeg Math Jam

18oct7:00 pm8:00 pmCelebration of Mind - Mumbai

18oct7:00 pm9:00 pmSydney MathsJam

19oct12:00 pm5:00 pmMobius Magic in Paper & Felt

20oct9:30 am12:00 pmMartin Gardner Celebration at Butler University

20oct7:30 pm10:00 pmComputer Graphics Show and Gardner Games

21oct(oct 21)9:00 am22(oct 22)7:00 pmFeira da Matematica

22oct4:00 pm10:00 pmVII Encuentro para Celebrar el Ingenio de Martin Gardner y Jaime Poniachik

22oct6:00 pm9:00 pmCelebration of Mind

23oct12:00 pm4:00 pmMaths Week Ireland Celebration of Mind at the National Botanic Gardens Dublin

23oct1:00 pm4:00 pmCelebration of Mind at MSRI

23oct5:00 pm9:00 pmManhattan G4G-COM, Sunday October 23rd

24oct10:00 am6:00 pmMatematica e Nodi (Mathematics and Knots)

26oct1:00 pm8:00 pmPuzzles with squares.

26oct6:00 pm8:00 pmSalt Creek School District 48 Celebration of Mind

27oct5:00 pm9:00 pmIsrael Celebration of Mind

27oct5:30 pm7:30 pmCarthage College Celebration of Mind

29oct9:00 am2:00 pmCelebration of Mind - Odenville Middle School

november 2016

01nov6:00 pm7:30 pmAlgorithmic Puzzles at the MAA Carriage House

08nov5:00 pm7:00 pmGardner, Llull y Torres Quevedo

19nov7:00 pm11:00 pmChicago Magic

december 2016

No Events