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About the G4G15 Gift Exchange

Traditionally, every Gathering conference includes an optional Gift Exchange in which some attendees swap puzzles, magic tricks, artwork, papers, novelty items, books, etc. Attendees who wish to participate in the Gift Exchange must either submit a physical item for the Exchange Bag or submit a paper for publication on the G4G website.

Looking for Inspiration?

Think of the exchange as something Martin Gardner might find intriguing. The best gifts have a clear use for the recipient in terms of exhibition, learning, demonstration, or play to bring delight through enhanced understanding.

Here are a few questions to consider when deciding on a gift to contribute:

  1. What will my gift teach or show the recipient?
    The best gifts tell people things that they didn’t know or give recipients a different perspective on or interaction with a concept. This could come through a game, a puzzle, an essay, a piece of art, or any other sort of thing.
  2. How will the recipient use the item? 
    The best gifts have a use, which could be that the recipient learns something, can use it to teach or entertain others, can play with it or make something with it, can exhibit it, or can use it as an interesting example.

As in past years, there is no vetting of gifts! We are providing these suggestions to help participants decide what to submit. But the decision on what to submit is ultimately entirely up to the participant.

Gift Exchange Items
Gift Exchange Items

Gift Exchange Rules & Requirements

  • How do I sign up?
    • Step 1)  As part of your G4G15 registration, check the box: “Yes, I want to participate in the G4G15 Gift Exchange.”
    • Step 2)  Fill out the online sign-up form to confirm your participation. See your invitation email for a link to the form.
    • These two steps MUST be completed before the conference in order to participate in the exchange.
      • When steps 1 and 2 are complete, you are officially signed up to participate in the exchange!
      • Attendees who bring gifts to the conference but have not signed up may choose to have their items added to the Exchange Bag but they will NOT receive a bag in return.
    • Step 3) Return to the online form to upload your paper PDF or item photo. – While this step is not required in order to signup for the exchange, it is very important for G4G logistics and we ask that all participants please complete it before the conference begins. This step helps us identify whose gift is whose and allows us to add your item to the online exchange archive. – Please upload one (or both) of the following:
      • A finished paper (PDF)
      • A photo (or multiple photos) showing one sample of your physical gift exchange item. These photos will be used for our online archive, you may upload multiple photos of different views of your item if you want.
  • How do I know if there are still spots open in the exchange?
    • If the sign-up form is accepting responses, there are still open spots. We will post a warning at the top of the form when there are less than 20 participation spots remaining and will close the form when all of the spots are filled. 
    • If you are interested in participating, we recommend submitting the form now to secure your spot even if you don’t have all of the details for your gift or paper worked out. You can go back and edit your form submission as often as you like before the conference begins. 
  • Is there a deadline for submitting in order to participate?
    For G4G15, there is no specific deadline; however, participation is limited and first-come-first-served. Attendees who wish to participate must complete the signup steps listed above (see your invitation email for more details).
  • How many physical copies of my gift should I bring for the Exchange Bag?
    For those who registered for the gift exchange and plan to submit a physical gift, please bring or send 200 copies of your gift for the exchange.
  • What happens to the extra exchange gifts?
    All gifts submitted to the exchange become the property of the G4G Foundation. We understand that attendees put considerable care, time, creativity, and money into their gifts and we are changing our policies to better manage participation.
    • Participants must provide 200 copies of their gift. 
    • The number of exchange participants is capped at 180.
    • The 20 extra gifts will be used for the following purposes:
      • Featured Presenters
      • First-time Attendees (who register after the exchange is already full)
      • G4G Board Members
      • Fundraising Initiatives 
  • When and where can I ship my exchange items?
    Shipping should be arranged to arrive at the Ritz no earlier than Monday, February 12th, 2024 and no later than Wednesday, February 21st, 2024. Please ship your items to:
      • The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
        c/o G4G15 Gift Exchange – Participant Name
        181 Peachtree Street NE
        Atlanta, Georgia 30303, USA
    • International Shipping: For international attendees this window for receiving items may be difficult; if you need to arrange for items to be received before February 12th, 2024, contact support@g4gfoundation.org, and we can make special accommodations.
    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to track and insure your package when shipping. G4G is not responsible for gift exchange items that get lost or damaged in the mail.
    • If you wish to avoid shipping, you are welcome to bring your gift exchange items with you to the conference. Please bring the items with you to registration so your gift can be properly documented. The cutoff for hand-delivering exchange items is Thursday, February 22nd at noon. 
  • How should I name my exchange files?
    When uploading files to the signup form, please use the file-naming convention:
    • AuthorLastName-FirstName-GiftExchange-ShortTitle-G4G15
      Follow this example:
  • How do I participate with a paper? 
    As in past conference years, you may submit a written paper instead of (or in addition to) a physical item for the gift exchange:
    • * NEW * The paper MUST be completed by the start of the conference and a PDF submitted via the signup form.
    • We recommended that papers not be over 10 pages (but there is no hard cap).
    • It is optional to bring 200 printed copies of your paper for inclusion in the gift bag at the conference. We will combine all printed items into a G4G15 branded folder for each Exchange Bag. This folder will be in lieu of a printing a physical book. After the conference, the papers will also be made available online via the G4G website and our online archive (with author permission). 
  • Can I collaborate on a gift or paper with other attendees?
    Yes, multiple attendees can partner to develop a gift. However, for each item in the exchange a maximum of TWO bags will be given out and TWO collaborators must complete the sign-up form.

    • Example 1 – You write a paper or design an item with one other attendee. You both fill out the sign-up form (using the same title and description). You both can pick up an Exchange Bag.

    • Example 2 – You write a paper or design an item with two or more other attendees. You and one other collaborator fill out the form and pick up an Exchange Bag at the conference. After the conference, we recommend having a gift bag splitting party to divide up the contents of the two bags between all collaborators.

      Everyone who picks up an Exchange Bag must be an attendee.
      Only one Exchange Bag will be given out to any single attendee – except in the case of picking up a bag for an Exchange participant who left the conference early.

  • Where can I see examples of past Gift Exchange items?
  • What items are prohibited in the exchange?
    We have many attendees traveling home by air to both US and international destinations. Many exchange participants choose to take their gift bags as a carry on. As such, items that are typically prohibited in carry-on or checked luggage or prohibited by most country’s customs offices should NOT be included in your exchange gift. This is includes: blades, matches, fresh produce, animal products, untreated wood, containers of liquid, etc. If you have questions about a specific exchange gift idea, please email us. 
  • Other questions?
    If you have additional questions about participating in the G4G15 Gift Exchange, please email them to: support@g4gfoundation.org

Examples of Past Exchange Gifts

Below are a handful of examples of past gifts that embody the spirit of the exchange and were well received: