Since October 2020 we have been organizing and holding virtual Celebrations of Mind Events.

Videos of most of them are linked below.

More are planned for 2022.
(see future listings for the G4G’s Virtual events, here,  or follow our Event callendar for CoMs from everyone, here)

The energy you have put into doing these monthly and then semiannual things is amazing. They are fantastic. The videos online will have lasting impact.” – (CY, Sep 2021)


Tom Edgar From Bourbaki to “Look-and-See”
Ian Short Frieze patterns and Farey graphs
Carla Cardoso Cardano, the Physician and Mathematician, in His Role as a Gambler in the 16th Century
Matt Prichard Designing Deceptions
Kate Stange The Illustrated Field Diary of a Mathematical Naturalist
Philipp Legner The Mathematical Secrets of Origami
Vincent Matsko Algorithmic Puzzle Design

May 2021 – September 2021

October 2020

Carolyn Yackel How Orbifolds Inform Shibori Dyeing
Jeanette Shakalli Toothpick Puzzles
Steve Butler Math and Juggling
Scott Kim Musical Illusions
Gord Hamilton Mini Mathematical-Universes (no video available)
Laurel Lawson, Lindsay Giedle, Laura Briggs Mathematics in Motion: Mathematical Themes in Dance and Choreography (no video available)
Robert Crease Flood Control: The Pandemic and Science Denial
Jim Propp Believe It, Then Don’t
Diana Davis Cut and Fold a Spinner
Jeannine Mosely Counter Productivity in Minimalist Origami
Eddy and Lyn Goldfarb Eddy’s World
Sydney Weaver The Rubik’s Cube and Math
Ann Schwartz Down the Rabbit Hole with Flexagons
James Gardner The Whimsical and Serious Sides of Martin Gardner
Joe M. Turner Dice Dice Baby!
Dana Richards Algorithmic Puzzles and Martin Gardner
George Hart Little Zonohedral Library
Evans Harrell et al Math Court – Alice in Königsberg
Delicia Kamins Philosophy of Fractals
Bud Brown Puzzles and Wonders from Elwyn, Richard, John, Ron, and Martin
Yossi Elran All you need is paper!