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Simple Steps

Bring people together to explore, discover and have fun with puzzles, magic and math!

  • Determine your audience and event size.
  • Choose your location and date.
  • Decide whether your event will be public or private.
  • Select theme and content—we’ve got loads of free resources.
  • Download our Event Host Welcome Package.
  • Register your event.
  • Spread the word.
  • Send us photos and feedback of your event.

Choose Event Size, Audience & Location

Any group that enjoys math, magic, puzzles and games will make a perfect audience for your event. Content can be tailored to suit a crowd of elementary-age kids, a room full of math professors or even an audience of mixed ages and interests. Size and location don’t determine success—private backyard events for five friends can be just as much fun as those that can fill an auditorium. So if you’re passionate about the same things Martin Gardner was, there’s really no reason not to host a CoM event. The sky is the limit with what you can do!

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Choose Event Date

We try to have as many events as possible occur on or around October 21st, Martin Gardner’s birthday. It’s a lot of fun knowing that other CoM events are taking place around the globe at this time and people are doing just what Gardner inspired them to do. However, if this isn’t convenient for you, certainly choose a more suitable date.

Select Theme & Content

CoM events can include a magic show, a puzzle party, a game night, a DIY craft or even just a good discussion. If you’re unsure of what to do that’s ok, we have an entire resources section devoted to making it easy for you to find content. You’ll find free downloadable activities as well as featured presenters who are willing to travel to events or perform remotely. You can easily pick a topic and create an event around our online resources.

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Download the Welcome Package

Our Event Host Welcome Package includes Martin Gardner posters and a 6 foot banner to display at your event as well as business card and postcard invitations to help spread the word and get attendees. Everything can be downloaded and printed on your own. Download and print from the CoM Welcome Pack.

Share Photos & Stories

We love to see all of the unique CoM events that are taking place across the map! Please share photos of your event with us along with a short story about what you did. With your permission, we would love to feature it in our past events photo gallery.

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