CoMpendium of CoMpelling CoMmunicators

The following list of Presenters have been vetted by CoM organizers and are featured here as some of the best! If you’re hosting a CoM event and would like to add a special presentation to your line-up, please look through these presenters and feel free to contact them directly. These Presenters are not required to use our host materials, they will focus on their own area of expertise. We hope this list helps to facilitate great Celebration of Mind collaborations between hosts and presenters.

Honoraria are generally appreciated by our presenters, in addition to travel expenses. Please contact individual presenters to make arrangements for your event.

Alissa S. Crans
James Grime
Laura Taalman
Laura Taalman
Chaim Goodman-Strauss
Alexa Meade
Matematicar iz Portugalije 
matematicar, portugalija
Beograd 18.02.2020.
Foto Katarina Mihajlovic
Tiago Hirth
James Gardner
Colin Wright
Fernando Blasco
Po-Shen Loh
Arthur Benjamin
Dan Finkel
Tanya Khovanova
Tanya Thompson
Doug Ensley
Lora Saarnio
Tim Chartier
Yossi Elran
Tadashi Tokieda
Raj Shah
Neil Calkin
Ken Ono
Katie Steckles
Jorge Nuno Silva
Jim Propp
Kate Jones
Irl Bivens
Henry Segerman
George Hart
Daina Taimina
Colm Mulcahy