Share Your Passion

G4G cultivates curiosity by encouraging inspired minds to gather and share their passions, discoveries and vocations—just as Martin Gardner would have. Whether it’s through puzzles and games, magic, art, or another creative endeavor, any opportunity to turn mathematics into something beautiful is a chance to stimulate minds to create new discoveries and potentially life changing “Aha!” moments.

We invite you to support the fun and learning!



The Future Depends on Bright Minds

G4G strives to stimulate an appreciation for, curiosity about, and discussion of mathematical and scientific ideas, magic, literature, and puzzles, among other things.

G4G follows Martin Gardner’s lead by bringing together people who take pleasure in sharing “an intriguing mathematical game, puzzle, magic trick, joke, paradox, model, limerick, or any of a score of other things that dull teachers tend to avoid because they seem frivolous.” –from Gardner, Martin, Mathematical Carnival, Vintage Books: New York, 1975, Introduction, page xii.

G4G welcomes amateurs, professionals, students, teachers, and others who care to dabble. As Martin famously said, you may be surprised by the amount of nontrivial mathematics, science, and logic you have absorbed without even trying.

G4G’s mission is to bring together the inquisitive, the creative problem solver, and the collaborative thinker to tackle problems, solve puzzles, and explore intriguing ideas. We invite you to join in and support G4G.

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