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12 noon Atlanta time every Sunday

We are now using Zoom (at a new URL, see the blue button below) as a way to mingle and chat each Sunday at 12 noon Atlanta time, to exchange ideas on a given theme. This replaces the themed session we used to have at the same time on Saturdays in Gathertown (Note: that space is still open, 24/7, for G4G community members to meet in informally, with a cap of 10 participants).

Please join us starting 5 minutes before each session using the following button:

Theme – The themes will change each week and are announced in our Friday News. If you are interested in spearheading one such themed session contact us via support@g4gfoundation.org.

Pencil & Paper Puzzlers
at 12 Noon Atlanta Time
Hosted by Vince Matsko
This forum will provide enthusiasts an opportunity to discuss the creation, solution, and layout of pencil-and-paper puzzles.  Our first meeting will focus on the format of these monthly meetings, which will include the critique of participants’ original puzzles by P&PP. Caveat: this forum will NOT be looking at traditional puzzles (like Sudoku, unless the creator adds an unusual twist), interactive puzzles (such as those done in a browser or on a phone), or 3D puzzles (like Rubik’s cube)
at 12 Noon Atlanta Time
Hosted by Érika Roldan

Can an outreach activity lead to research and vice-versa? Is it possible to do citizen science in mathematics through gamification? We will explore examples of creating activities and videogames based on open problems that Érika Roldan is leading the research group of Stochastic Topology and its applications at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, being affiliated with the Center for Scalable Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (ScaDS.AI) at Universität Leipzig.

Rediscovering Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games column from Scientific American
at 12 Noon Atlanta Time
Hosted by Scott Kim

In November 1958 Martin Gardner chose Squared Squares as the subject of his Mathematical Games column and the 33 x 32 squared rectangle of Z. Moroń was featured on the magazine cover. William Tutte, best known for his work in graph theory and breaking codes in WWII, wrote an article for the column on how the square was squared by himself and his Trinity undergraduate colleagues, Brooks, Smith, and Stone. Tutte’s article in Gardner’s column had an electrifying effect on me when I was a teenager. I’ll discuss highlights of this wonderful column, and showcase the wonderful work of Stuart Errol Anderson who built a comprehensive site on this topic, as well as my own extensions to the problem.

For those who wish they can make a selection of their favourite Scientific American Entry here

AT 12 NOON Atlanta Time

Stay tuned for weekly topics posted every Friday on our News & Announcements webpage

Past Themed Sessions

Jul 16 – Scott Kim “Rediscovering Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games column from Scientific American”
Jul 09 – Arthur O’Dwyer “Congruent partitions of the hat”
Jul 02 – Vince Matsko “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers”

Jun 25 – Yossi Elran “Hat flexagons and other bits and pieces…”
Jun 18 –  Scott Kim “Turning math into a game”
Jun 11 – Erika Roldán “Gamification”
Jun 04 – Celebrating the Spectre Tiling hosted by Bob Hearn

May 28 – Scott Kim “Let’s discuss Grant Sanderson’s talk “Math’s Pedagogical Curse”
May 21 – Virtual Celebration of MInd
May 13 – Érika Roldan “Gamification”
May 06 – Vince Matsko “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers”

Apr 30 – “The Einstein Hat one month later”
Apr 23 – Cesco Reale on “Connections between maths and languages”
Apr 16 – John Miller on “The Unexpected Indictment”
Apr 23 – Cesco Reale on “Connections Between Maths and Languages”
Apr 09 – Des MacHale on The Poetry of George Boole
Apr 01 – Vince Matsko “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers”

Mar 26 – Celebrating the Ein Stein
Mar 18 – “Grave Matters: Glimpses of Gauss (and many others) in Göttingen” 
Mar 11 – Jim Henle “Disccusion of an Art”
Mar 04 – Vince Matsko “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers”

Feb 25 – Remembering David Singmaster
Feb 18 – ET Trigg on Infinity
Feb 11 – Looking back at the Recreational Math Meeting in the Azores (part 2)
Feb 04 – Looking back at the Recreational Math Meeting in the Azores (part 1)

Jan 28 – Recreational Mathematics Colloquium 7 | Gathering 4 Gardner Europe
Jan 21 – following Virtual CoM presentation
Jan 14 – “The recent winter math meeting in Boston”
Jan 07 – ET Trigg “Experiencing Wikipedia”

31 Dez – No Themes meeting due to New Year
24 Dez – No Themed meeting due to Christmas
17 Dec – “Finding support for G4G (years end fundraising!)”
09 Dec – David Kahn “Introduction to the game of Go”
02 Dec – “Highlights of November’s MathsJam in the UK “

26 Nov – “2022 Gardnereque things we are thankful for”
19 Nov – Christophe Fouquet “A method to memorize the color of 12 playing cards in less than 3 seconds”
12 Nov – Alexander Poddiakov “Gardner, Cardano or the unknown mathematician of antiquity?”
05 Nov – Ann Schwarz “The Accidental Flexagon”

29 Oct – Nancy Blachman “Special Presents for Holidays and Other Occasions and Special Treats for Halloween”
22 Oct – No theme
15 Oct – Katy Franz “Water color tour of the Archimedean tilings of the plane”
08 Oct – “Magic in the movies: the good, the bad, and the silly”
1 Oct – “Math in the movies: the good, the bad, and the silly”

24 Sep – Colin Wright “In a circle in a triangle: some odd connections.”
17 Sep – Paul O’Malley “The curse of knowledge vs establishing a foot on a ladder. Conveying information problems for each side.”
10 Sep – Robert Fathauer “Math-inspired Ceramic Sculpture”
3 Sep – Fernando Blasco “Calendars. Another view of Mathematical Carnival”

Aug 27 – Alexandre Muñiz “Bending Polyominoes”
Aug 20 – Carole Rankin “Tatting: Making Lace from Knots”
Aug 13 – “Bridges, MathFest, MOVES recaps: come to share what you enjoyed at the three recent conferences, or come to find out what you missed!”
Aug 06 – Adam Atkinson “Another multi-lingual word game”

Jul 30 – Prospect of the October G4G Fundraiser Auction
Jul 23 – “Remembering Jerry Farrell”
Jul 16 – ”Remembering Ken Knowton”
Jul 09 – Nicole Dieker “My forthcoming philosophy book, WHAT IT IS and WHAT TO DO NEXT”
Jul 01 – Scott Kim “Update on math education work”

Jun 25 – Dana Richards “Some letters from famous people to Martin”
Jun18 – David Plaxco “How Permutations and Commutators Can Be Used to Generate Rubik’s Cube Algorithms” 
Jun 11 – “First explorations of the G4G14 gift exchange bag”
Jun 04 – Alexandre Muñiz “The Physical Exchange: How to improve your experience and that of your giftees.”

May 28 – “Archiving past G4G meetings’ gift bags”
May 21 – following Virtual CoM presentation
May 14 – Colm Mulcahy “Visiting Martin Gardner in his final years”
May 07 – Records lost

Apr 30 – Records lost
Apr 23 – “Other features of Gather.Town”
Apr 16 – “Looking back on G4G14 last week”
Apr 09 – Gathering 4 Gardner 14 happening live
Apr 02 – “In-person G4G14 and Online G4G14″

Mar 26 – ET Trigg “Writing Wikipedia pages”
Mar 19 – Scott Kim “Popularizing Recreational Mathematics” (“I’m interested in action, not just sitting around and talking about it.”)
Mar 12 – Tracy Drinkwater “Seattle Universal Math Museum”
Mar 5 – Nancy Blachman “Looking past G4G14 to the 2022 G4G Online Auction”

Feb 26 – Joanne Growney “Math & Poetry”
Feb 19 – “The hybrid G4G14”
Feb 12 – “The hybrid G4G14”
Feb 5 – Christian Lawson-Perfect “The Aperiodical”

Jan 29 – Nicole Dieker “Quantifying Practice” (how to learn the most in the fewest repetitions)” Jan 22 Mark Burstein “Annotating and Alice”
Jan 15 – Scott Kim “Popularizing Recreational Mathematics” (“I’m interested in action, not just sitting around and talking about it.”)
Jan 8 – Vickie Kearn “Book Authors & Publishers”
Jan 1 – Nancy Blachman “what new things G4G should do in 2022”

Dec 25 – Nancy Blachman “my 2021 projects” Nancy Blachman wants to hear what y’all have been up to this year!
Dec 18 – Jess Sklar, Bronna Butler & Kim Roth “Mathemalchemy”
Dec 11 – Robert Vallin & David Plaxco “G4G & Social Media Reach”
Dec 4 – Joe Turner, Colm Mulcahy “Card Magic”

Nov 27 – Michael P Hearn “Frank Baum writing”
Nov 20 – Colm Mulcahy “How to Attract Donations to G4G”
Nov 13 – No Formal Theme
Nov 06 – “Mathematics education”