CoM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have general questions about Celebration of Mind, signing up, becoming an event host, or using our resources we hope that we can answer them here. If your question isn’t answered below, please email or send us a tweet @G4GCelebration and we will be happy to help!

What is Celebration of Mind?

Celebration of Mind (CoM) was developed by the Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation in order to encourage those with inquisitive minds to explore and enjoy puzzles, games, math and magic. Events and materials are designed to inspire, delight and awe. Worldwide celebrations are held annually on or around Martin Gardner’s birthday (October 21st) so that people can meet and share in the legacy of this polymath. These events create opportunities for attendees to voice ideas and make new connections. From our incredible community comes an outpouring of insightful papers, creative activities, clever objects, and intriguing presentations. Much of this content is stored in our online repository of resources and accessible to all.

How is Celebration of Mind related to Martin Gardner?

Celebration of Mind events were created for people to gather, enjoy and share in all of Martin’s many interests. Martin pioneered the field of recreational mathematics with his Scientific American column Mathematical Games and introduced the world to how much fun math can be with puzzles, brainteasers and amazing physical objects such as the Soma cube, fractals, and flexagons. He garnered a following and continued to turn audiences on to magic and illusion, skepticism, science, literature, and the intersections of these subjects. After his passing in 2010, his friends and readers began the tradition of hosting annual events on or around his October 21st birthday. Since then there have been hundreds of Celebrations from Helsinki to Antarctica, Bombay to Silicon Valley.

Can anyone join a Celebration of Mind event?

Yes, anyone who has an interest in puzzles, math and magic is encouraged to join a Celebration of Mind event or host one of their own. Some events are private but many are open to the public. When you visit our Events Calendar, you will be able to view all of the upcoming events and register if they are open to the public.

How can I find upcoming events?

Please visit our Events Calendar and click on a date to see the available events. (Dates highlighted with a blue circle have scheduled events).

How do I sign up for an event?

Once you are on the Events Calendar, click on the event you are interested in attending. If an event is open to the public, view the event website or contact the organizer to find out how to attend and if you need to register or RSVP.
Can anyone host a Celebration of Mind event?

Yes, anyone can host a Celebration of Mind event. No experience is necessary and events can be as small and casual as a group of close friends or the kids in your child’s classroom – or as large as a filled auditorium. It’s a great reason to encourage learning and discovery.

How do I become an Event Host?

Visit our Host a CoM Event page and we will take you through all of the simple steps required to host an event.

How do I create an event that is private?

On the event registration form you will find an option to select public or private for your event type. For private events, you can list just the city and state for the event location rather than the exact event address.

Why should I register my event if it’s just for me and my small group of friends?

Even if you plan to have a private Celebration with a couple of friends, we hope that you will still register your event with us so that we can include it on our world map of events for the year and include it in our Celebration of Mind movement. We would also love for you to share some pictures! Celebration of Mind is all about getting people around the world to have fun playing with puzzles, math and magic—if you can do that and share your experience with us you’ll encourage others to do the same!

Do I have to enter my email address and phone number as the event organizer?

No, you are not required to enter a phone number or email address for the event organizer. However, offering some contact information for the event organizer will allow potential attendees to reach you. If your event is private or RSVP-only, we suggest at least entering an email address for the organizer.

After I submitted my event, I can’t find it on the calendar. Help!

Thank you so much for registering as a new event host! Your event will appear within a few minutes of submission. If your event does not appear on the calendar after one business day, please contact us at We can help!

I do not know my event location yet, but I want to sign up! Can I still register?

Of course! If you only know what city you’re in, please create a temporary venue with your city and state/country. Email us at to add your venue when you’re ready!

Can I edit my event once I submit it?

At the moment, we’re still working on the event editing system but you can still make changes to your event. Please email us at at with any changes you would like and we will make them for you.

Do I have to create a login to register an event?

No, you will not need to create a login in order to submit new events to the website.

Can I contribute materials to the Resources section?

Yes, we’re always on the lookout for great new activities! If there are materials that you would like to see added to our repository of puzzles, games, illusions and projects please email with your suggestion.