G4G Presents: A World-wide Celebration of Mind

Celebration of Mind (CoM) is a world-wide series of events designed to bring people (adults and/or children) together to share and delight in playing with puzzles, games, math and magic. Events are often held on or around October 21st in honor of Martin Gardner’s birthday. CoM events vary in size and focus from three people meeting to perform rubber-band magic to crowds of hundreds of students in highly organized exploratory paper folding activities; most are open to the public.

In Oct 2020 we hosted a whole week of virtual CoMs! 
Since then we’ve been holding monthly virtual CoMs! 

A Video Introduction to CoM


Attend or Host a CoM Event

Please join us, whether you are an adult or child, and host or participate in a spirit of fun and curiosity to celebrate and make new discoveries together with kindred souls. We invite you to host or attend, particularly if you love puzzles, recreational math, Lewis Carroll, critical thinking, or an intellectual challenge. Locate a Celebration of Mind event in your area or, if you can’t find an event close to home, consider hosting one of your own! There are free, printable, activities and ideas for hosts, teachers, parents and learners available online. We invite you to host a CoM event, whether you are in Antarctica or Zürich.