2019 CoM Events

Take a look at the 2019 Celebration of Mind (CoM) events around the globe. From big to small, these public and private gatherings are designed in a spirit of fun and curiosity to celebrate and unite kindred souls. We hope to bring people together over puzzles, games, math, and magic. Locate an upcoming Celebration of Mind event in your area or host one of your own! Check out our online repository of resources which is accessible to all and continues to inspire new generations!

january 2019

No Events

february 2019

No Events

march 2019

30mar10:00 am2:00 pm9th Annual Celebration of Mind hosted by Department of Mathematical Sciences

30mar10:00 am2:00 pmCelebration of Mind

april 2019

No Events

may 2019

No Events

june 2019

No Events

july 2019

No Events

august 2019

No Events

september 2019

No Events

october 2019

12oct1:30 pm7:30 pm10mo FESTIVAL DEL INGENIO

15oct7:00 pm7:00 pmChristchurch MathsJam

19oct9:00 am12:00 pmBAMM's Celebration of Mind

19oct9:00 am12:00 pmClintonville Farmer's Market

19oct10:00 am2:00 pmCelebration of Mind

19oct(oct 19)5:00 pm20(oct 20)8:00 pmCelebration of Mind Bangalore

19oct7:30 pm9:00 pmA Celebration of Mind: Mathematics, Art, and Magic

20oct10:00 am2:00 pmMartin Gardner al MMACA

20oct1:00 pm5:00 pmCelebration of Mind

20oct4:00 pm7:00 pmNinth Annual Boston Celebration of Mind

20oct6:00 pm9:00 pmManhattan Celebration of Mind, Sunday, October 20th

21oct7:00 pm11:00 pmThe Magic of Mathematics La magia della matematica

22oct6:00 pm9:00 pmCelebration of Mind in Panama

22oct7:00 pm10:00 pmWinnipeg MathJam

22oct7:00 pm11:00 pmVäxjö MathsJam 22 October 2019

22oct7:00 pm9:00 pmMathsJam London, ON

22oct7:00 pm9:00 pmMathsJam Melbourne

22oct7:00 pm9:00 pmOttawa Mathsjam Tribute

22oct7:30 pm10:00 pmBletchley MathsJam

22oct(oct 22)9:00 pm23(oct 23)12:00 amPavia MathsJam 0xE

23oct5:00 pm8:00 pmUNC Celebration of Mind

23oct7:00 pm10:00 pmTurin MathsJam

24oct7:00 pm8:30 pmOctober MathsJam in Lisbon

25oct4:00 pm9:00 pm

26oct5:00 pm7:00 pmCarthage Celebration of Mind: Curiouser ; Curiouser!

27oct3:00 pm7:00 pmAtlanta Martin Gardner Party

29oct5:00 pm7:00 pmHepworth Math Night

november 2019

05nov5:00 pm7:00 pmCelebration of Mind Madrid

december 2019

No Events