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The 13th Biennial Gathering 4 Gardner Conference (2018)

On April 11th – 15th, 2018, G4G participants will assemble, in Martin Gardner’s name, to celebrate recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, skepticism, science, art, literature, and the intersections of these subjects. Participants will offer presentations, performances, original papers, and exhibits. Countless exchanges of ideas and examples of trickery will inspire and delight.

Unlike many other conferences, G4G is participatory in nature; all attendees are encouraged to contribute to the community, whether that be a 5-minute presentation or performance, an original paper, a unique exhibit or a novelty item for the gift exchange.

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G4G13 Featured Presenters


G4G is pleased to announce that Professor Doris Schattschneider of Moravian College will present in Atlanta in April 2018 on these two Martin Gardner related topics: “Math and M.C. Escher’s Art” (at a public lecture), and “The Story of Marjorie Rice” (at the G4G13 conference).  Both are fascinating tales involving Martin Gardner’s celebrated “Mathematical Games” column in Scientific American.  For the first, we will learn of how Martin’s 1961 column on a new geometry book by H.S.M. Coxeter introduced readers to Escher’s symmetry drawings, and how the cover of that Scientific American caused Escher to write a correction to the editor.  For the second, a reader of Martin’s column with no math training was inspired to do some original research which lead to investigations that are still ongoing. We were delighted to chat with Professor Doris Schattschneider about her upcoming Atlanta talks on these topics. READ THE BLOG POST



G4G is pleased to announce that Professor Manjul Bhargava of Princeton University will present in Atlanta in April 2018.   In addition to speaking on “On some Magical Numbers and Their Uses in Magic and Mathematics” at the G4G13 conference  he will give a public presentation entitled “Poetry, Drumming, and Mathematics”.  Professor Manjul Bhargava is a winner of the Fields Medal as well as an accomplished tabla player.



G4G is pleased to announce that Professor Ernő Rubik will present in Atlanta in April 2018.  In addition to giving a talk at the G4G13 conference (title TBA) he will give a public presentation about the impact of the cube named after him. 

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  • WHAT: The 13th Gathering 4 Gardner Conference
  • WHEN: Wednesday, April 11th through Sunday, April 15th, 2018
  • WHERE: The Ritz-Carlton at 181 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 USA
  • Who usually attends? Our participants include professional and amateur mathematicians, magicians and performers, artists, educators, scientists, and anyone who is inspired by the same interdisciplinary curiosity that excited our namesake, Martin Gardner. We plan to cap attendance at 325, so attendees have a chance to connect and share ideas with each other.
  • How much does the conference cost? Early registration (before Feb 11th) is $375 with add-ons available for dinners, performances, and a new twist on the traditional off-site social and sculpture-building event. Regular registration after February 11th is $400. This registration fee covers 3 days of presentations in the Ritz-Carlton’s grand ballroom but does not cover food or lodging. However, we have a discount block room rate at the Ritz.
  • What was the previous event like? View some of the papers, presentations and commentary from G4G12 (2016):
  • How can I attend? G4G13 is an invitation-only conference; however, you can nominate yourself for attendance. If you are interested, please fill out the nomination form and be sure to mention your background, passion for Martin Gardner’s legacy, and/or desire to engage with the community. We will be reviewing nominations periodically and will be sure to let you know if your nomination is accepted.
  • When does registration open? Registration for G4G13 is now OPEN. Official invitations have been sent via email. If you were expecting an invite and didn’t receive one, please check your SPAM folder. Then contact support@g4gfoundation.org to ask about your invitation status.
  • Other questions? For all other questions about G4G13, please contact support@g4gfoundation.org


3 Days of Presentations

G4G Presentations

G4G offers opportunities for participants to share their passions and discoveries. The core of the conference consists of 3 days of brief presentations (generally 5 to 6 minutes). Check back on this web page for announcements of featured G4G13 presenters. Notable past presenters include John Conway, Alexa Meade, Erik Demaine, Vi Hart, Solomon Golomb, Elwin Berlekamp, and Gwen Fisher.

Deadline for Presentation Submissions: The deadline has been extended to March 11th.
Presentations can be submitted through the registration website, see your email invitation for details. 

Off-site Activities

G4G Off-site Event

Sarah Garvin Rodgers invites the G4G community to her new home and art gallery, Different Trains, in the artistic neighborhood of Decatur. On Friday the 13th, we’re pitching a tent in the street, serving BBQ, building sculptures organized by George Hart, and creating opportunities for participants to socialize and explore this vibrant community. As the sun sets, attendees will chose from a number of Decatur establishments for dinner followed by a cocktail reception.


Evening Entertainment

G4G Entertainment

Thursday and Saturday evenings at the conference are times to further connect. A buffet dinner will be served followed by entertainment featuring eclectic performances. Past shows have included close-up and stage magic and variety-style acts from juggling to feats of strength and mental math. This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet the other attendees.

Gift Exchange

G4G11 Gift Exchange Books

Traditionally, every Gathering conference includes a Gift Exchange in which attendees swap puzzles, magic tricks, artwork, papers, novelty items, books, etc. Participants in the exchange must submit an item for the physical Exchange Bag or a document for the Exchange Book. If you’re looking for inspiration, think of the exchange as something you would be excited to share with Martin Gardner himself. We recommend something original or unique, something made by hand, or something other attendees would enjoy or value. Everyone who participates will receive:

  • G4G13 Exchange Bag
  • G4G13 Exchange Book

Click below for a complete list of GIFT EXCHANGE REQUIREMENTS and DEADLINES.



Exhibition & Sales Rooms

G4G Exhibition & Sales Rooms

At G4G13, attendees have the option of setting up a table in the Sales Room and/or the Exhibition Room.

Sales Room: If you are a vendor and wish to sell items to other G4G attendees (examples: books, sculptures, puzzles, mathy toys, etc.) consider reserving a Vendor Table for $50. Only attendees registered as vendors will be permitted to sell their inventory at the conference.

Exhibition Room: If you have something special to share with the G4G community that is either too large or complex to be reproduced for the gift exchange, consider reserving an Exhibitor Table. Past exhibit examples include: surprising 3D-printed objects, unusual musical instruments, kinetic sculptures, historical collections, and special edition books, toys, and games. Exhibition Room tables are free but limited. Reserve a table before the conference to be assured of a spot, or sign up for any remaining tables when you arrive.

Both rooms will be open to all attendees during conference breaks and in the mornings / evenings before and after conference presentations.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta, GA

The Gathering 4 Gardner conference will be hosted at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Atlanta. We have discount block pricing for our attendees. To take advantage of these rates, please look for details in your invitation email or contact support@g4gfoundation.org for more information.

If you are interested in sharing a room with another attendee at the Ritz, please check the appropriate box when you register for the conference.

Nominate Attendees

G4G13 Nomination Form ThumbnailYou are welcome to nominate new attendees (including yourself) for invitation to G4G13. Please let us know how your nominee will enrich the G4G community. Fill out the form once for each person being nominated.




G4G13 Official Logo

The official G4G13 logo, designed by Scott Kim, is now available:

G4G13 Official Logo    G4G13 Official Logo

If you would like to apply this logo to your presentation slides, exchange gift or paper, please download the zipped folder below and use the file format that works best for you.

Download Logo

Or feel free to design your own G4G13 logo! We will share all of the logo designs submitted in the G4G13 gift exchange book.

Spoiler Alert: Scott Kim provided an explanation for the design of the G4G13 logo. We recommend waiting to read his comments until you’ve spent some time thinking about it yourself. When you’re ready, here’s the link to read his explanation: Scott Kim’s G4G13 Logo Explanation