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The 13th Biennial Gathering 4 Gardner Conference (2018)

On April 11th through the 15th, 2018, G4G will “gather” together bright and inquisitive minds in recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, skepticism, science, art, literature, and the intersections of these subjects.

The conference will feature lectures, performance art, puzzle and book displays, close-up and stage magic acts, and guided sculpture building. Traditionally, each conference has a Gift Exchange in which attendees swap puzzles, magic tricks, artwork, papers, novelty items, books, etc.

Unlike many other conferences, G4G is participatory in nature; all attendees are encouraged to contribute to the community, whether that be a 5-minute presentation or performance, an original paper, a unique exhibit or a novelty item for the gift exchange. This spirit of participation ensures attendees leave with more connections, ideas and inspiration than when they arrived.

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  • When will G4G13 be held? Wednesday, April 11th through Sunday the 15th, 2018.
  • Who usually attends? Our participants include professional and amateur mathematicians, magicians and performers, artists, educators, scientists, and anyone who is inspired by the same interdisciplinary curiosity that excited our namesake, Martin Gardner. We plan to cap attendance at 325, so attendees have a chance to connect and share ideas with each other.
  • Where will G4G13 be held? As in past years, G4G13 will be held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel 181 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 USA.
  • How much does the conference cost? We are still determining the exact price of G4G13 tickets; however, the base price of G4G12 (2016) was $400 with a discount for early registration and add-ons available for evening dinners, performances and our customary off-site sculpture building and social event. The base price covers 3 days of presentations in the Ritz-Carlton’s grand ball room but does not cover food or lodging.
  • What was the previous event like? View some of the papers, presentations and commentary from G4G12 (2016):
  • How can I attend? G4G13 is an invitation-only conference; however, you can nominate yourself for attendance. If you are interested, please fill out the nomination form and be sure to mention your background, passion for Martin Gardner’s legacy, and/or desire to engage with the community. We will be reviewing nominations periodically throughout the fall and we will be sure to let you know if your nomination is accepted.
  • When does registration open? We will be sending official invitations and opening early registration in the fall. In the mean time, please bookmark this web page and check back later this year for more information.


Nominate Attendees

G4G13 Nomination Form ThumbnailYou are welcome to nominate new attendees (including yourself) for invitation to G4G13. Please let us know how your nominee will enrich the G4G community. Fill out the form once for each person being nominated.




G4G13 Official Logo

The official G4G13 logo, designed by Scott Kim, is now available:

G4G13 Official Logo    G4G13 Official Logo

If you would like to apply this logo to your presentation slides, exchange gift or paper, please download the zipped folder below and use the file format that works best for you. Or feel free to design your own G4G13 logo! We’ll share all of the logo designs submitted in the G4G13 gift exchange book. If you have any trouble with these files, please let us know at: support@g4gfoundation.org

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