*** April 1, 2022 ** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ***

Update: Masks will be required at G4G14 (see below)

G4G14 Conference Update:

In order to check in and receive a badge to attend the G4G14 Conference (in-person), all attendees must provide proof of (1) full Covid-19 vaccination including booster shot (if eligible), and (2) a negative Covid-19 test result completed within 72 hours prior to checking in. All attendees must also complete a brief health survey to confirm that they are not ill and do not have Covid-19 symptoms or recent Covid exposures.

The offsite events, banquet experiences, and gift exchange bag will only be options for those attending in-person. Those participating virtually instead will have live-streamed access to all in-person talks at the Ritz-Carlton, and will be able to pose questions to speakers there. Virtual participants are also welcome to present online, and these sessions will be streamed to those in attendance at the Ritz-Carlton.


COVID Testing Requirement:

You are required to have proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours before arriving at G4G14. We will accept the full range of COVID-19 tests. A negative PCR test result from a certified lab is preferred; however, other test types including the results of a self-administered rapid test (for example, with photo of negative test result) will be accepted. If you are unable to get tested in advance of the conference, rapid tests will be available prior to registration at the Ritz. Registration fees will be reimbursed in the case of a positive test result. Please be aware, G4G will NOT reimburse travel funds in the event of a positive test result, testing in advance of travel will allow time for travel cancellations.

Bring your vaccine verification card! Just in case there are any difficulties with the app, please be sure to bring your vaccine verification card with you to registration at the Ritz.


Masks Will be Required:

The G4G Board has heard the concerns expressed by members of our community and noted the continuing spread of Covid, and has now reconsidered and concluded that masks will be required at G4G14 (except when eating or presenting). We feel a mask requirement is in the best interest of the health and safety of the G4G community. Please join us in reminding those around you to wear masks during the gathering. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please note, however, that in public areas at the Ritz and at the offsite events, we cannot mandate the masking of non-G4G people.


Vaccination Verification:

We will be using CLEAR Health Pass, which provides a secure, digital proof of Covid-related health insights via the free CLEAR mobile app. Complete your health screening with CLEAR Health Pass ahead of time for expedited entry. You will not be allowed to enter the registration room until you display your green Clear Health Pass screen showing that you have satisfied the requirements for entry. (see special cases below) STEPS:

  • 1) 
    There are multiple apps with similar names, be sure to look for this logo.
  • 2) Enroll ahead of time.
    You should enroll with CLEAR before the conference to complete your Covid-19 vaccine pre-screening. Use this code – EFATTENDEE804 – in the CLEAR app to complete your Health Pass for the G4G14 event. When complete, the app will display a green screen showing your verification QR code. We encourage everyone to complete this process at least 24 hours before the event. CLEAR HOW TO PDF

Special Cases

Attendees Under 18

The CLEAR app is only available for adults. All G4G14 attendees under 18 should be sure to bring their vaccine verification card and will be required to show a negative test result before checking-in. Free rapid tests will be provided.

International Attendees

The CLEAR app is not available in all countries. All G4G14 international attendees should be sure to bring their vaccine verification card (or official testing verification app used in their home country) and will be required to show a negative test result before checking-in. Free rapid tests will be provided.

Guests of Attendees

All guests of attendees (both paid and unpaid) must also use the CLEAR app to display their green verification screen in order to pick up their name badge. A G4G14 name badge is required to access all event areas including the sales/exhibits rooms, the ballroom, the offsite, and the registration room.


G4G14 Program

The G4G14 conference program is now available for download! (A printed copy will be provided to each in-person attendee at registration.) The list of attendees and talks were accurate as of the date of publication, things may have changed since we went to print. Any revisions to the program will be listed in the addendum provided at the conference and emailed to remote participants.


14th Gathering 4 Gardner Conference (2022)

From April 6-10, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia, G4G participants will assemble, in Martin Gardner’s name, to celebrate recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles, skepticism, science, art, literature, and the intersections of these subjects. Participants will offer presentations, performances, original papers, and exhibits. Countless exchanges of ideas and examples of magic will inspire and delight. Unlike many other conferences, G4G is participatory in nature; all attendees are encouraged to contribute, whether that be a 5-minute presentation, an original paper, a unique exhibit, or a novelty item for the gift exchange.



Conference Registration

Invitation emails were sent to past attendees. If you have attended a past Gathering and did not receive an invitation, please check your Spam folder and email support@g4gfoundation.org if you did not receive the invite.

For information about nominating yourself or others for attendance CLICK HERE.

G4G14 What, When, Where

  • WHAT: The 14th Gathering 4 Gardner Conference
  • WHERE: The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Who usually attends? Our participants include professional and amateur mathematicians, magicians and performers, artists, educators, scientists, and anyone who is inspired by the same interdisciplinary curiosity that excited our namesake, Martin Gardner. Due to high demand at the previous event, the cap for G4G14 has been raised to 400 attendees.
  • How much does the conference cost? Registration is $400 with add-ons available for dinners, performances, and the traditional offsite social and sculpture-building event. The registration fee covers four days of presentations in the Ritz-Carlton’s grand ballroom but does not cover food or lodging.
  • What was the previous event like? View some of the papers and presentations from past events:
  • How can I attend? G4G14 is an invitation-only conference; however, you can nominate yourself or others for attendance. If you are interested, please fill out the nomination form and be sure to mention the nominee’s background, passion for Martin Gardner’s legacy, and/or desire to engage with the community. We will be reviewing nominations periodically and will let you know if your nomination is accepted.
  • When does registration open? Registration for G4G14 is now OPEN!
  • Other questions? For all other questions about G4G14, please contact support@g4gfoundation.org or visit the complete G4G14 Frequently Asked Questions webpage here.

Four Days of Presentations

G4G offers opportunities for participants to share their passions and discoveries. The core of the conference consists of 4 days of brief presentations (generally 5 to 6 minutes).  

PLEASE NOTE: There are no presentations on the afternoon of the offsite event. All G4G14 attendees may participate in the offsite event with a purchased ticket. 

Offsite Activities

The Offsite Activities will be held at Georgia Tech, replacing the planned 2020 venue.

On Saturday the 9th, we are pitching tents in the street, serving lunch, building mathematical sculptures organized by George Hart, and creating opportunities for participants to socialize and explore this vibrant community.

Description of Activities

A Mathematical Walk Around Campus

Join Ron Lancaster for a walk to experience viewing the world through a mathematical lens while getting some exercise. This offsite event will be an opportunity to work with others to answer questions and solve puzzles related to daily life, design, art, architecture, science and recreational mathematics.

Ron is an Associate Professor (Teaching Stream) at the University of Toronto where he teaches mathematics courses for pre-service middle and high school teachers. He has over 20 years of experience teaching grades 7 through 12 mathematics. Ron’s professional activities include consultations and conference presentations in North America, Asia, England, the Middle East, Africa, India and Europe. Ron is an author for the NCTM (The Mathematical Lens) and member of the Advisory Board for the Museum of Mathematics in New York City. He is the recipient of the 2015 Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award Recognizing Innovation and Excellence in Mathematics Education awarded by the Fields Institute.

More offsite activities to be announced.

Evening Entertainment

Thursday and Friday evenings at the conference are times to further connect. A buffet dinner will be served followed by entertainment featuring eclectic performances. Past shows have included close-up and stage magic and variety-style acts from juggling to feats of strength and mental math. This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet the other attendees.

Gift Exchange

Traditionally, every Gathering conference includes a Gift Exchange in which attendees swap puzzles, magic tricks, artwork, papers, novelty items, books, etc. Participants in the exchange must submit an item for the physical Exchange Bag or a document for the Exchange Book. If you’re looking for inspiration, think of the exchange as something you would be excited to share with Martin Gardner himself. We recommend something original or unique, something made by hand, or something other attendees would enjoy or value. 

Everyone who participates in the Exchange will receive:

  • G4G14 Exchange Bag
  • G4G14 Exchange Book

Sales Room & Exhibit Room

At G4G14, attendees will have the option of setting up a table in the Sales Room and/or the Exhibit Room.

Sales Room: If you are a vendor and wish to sell items to other G4G attendees (examples: books, sculptures, puzzles, mathy toys, etc.) consider reserving a Sales Table. Only attendees registered for a Sales Table will be permitted to sell their inventory at the conference.

Exhibit Room: If you have something special to share with the G4G community that is either too large or complex to be reproduced for the gift exchange, consider reserving an Exhibit Table. Past exhibit examples include: surprising 3D-printed objects, unusual musical instruments, kinetic sculptures, historical collections, and special edition books, toys, and games.

For both the Sales and Exhibit Room, space is limited and tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sales and Exhibit Room participants are required to staff their table during Happy Hour on EVENT EVENING TBA (from the end of the final talk of the day until the start of dinner).

Nominate Attendees

You are welcome to nominate new attendees (including yourself) for invitation to G4G14. Please let us know how your nominee will enrich the G4G community. Fill out the form once for each person being nominated.


The official G4G14 logo was designed by Scott Kim. Below is a link to download the logo files for use on gift exchange items and a separate link to view Scott’s background information about the design of the logo. 

If you would like to submit an unofficial logo for G4G14, please email support@g4gfoundation.com.