52 Master Pieces: Update

Winners Announcement from 52 Master Pieces

On May 20th, 2016, G4G announced our collaboration with the 52 Master Pieces project, a free online puzzle contest designed to inspire creative thinking in a uniquely fun and original way.

52 Master Pieces / G4G Partnership LOGO

On August 20th, the winners were officially announced. A detailed description of all the prizes can be seen on the 52MP website. The prizewinners were from all over the world, including puzzle solvers from Australia, England and Belgium.

The Grand Prize

The Grand Prize was won by a team of 3 players with Charles Steinhardt, the official Grand Prize winner, representing their group. There were three components of the Grand Prize: 1) a Treasure from the Past, 2) a Treasure from the Present, and 3) a Treasure from the Future (the invitation and paid registration for the G4G13 event, which Joseph Devincentis will receive). The third member of the Grand Prize winning team is Paul Melamud.

Additional Prizes

In addition to the Grand Prize, the following winners were announced:

  • The first player to solve any 1 Master Piece: JackL
  • The first player to solve any 26 Master Pieces: Joseph Devincentis
  • The first player to solve all 52 Master Pieces:  Paul Melamud

Finally, 52 individual laser-engraved wooden playing cards will be awarded for the first players to solve each of the 52 individual Master Pieces. The four players above were the first to solve all 52, but they wanted to share these prizes with other players. So far 52MP has awarded 46 cards to 38 different players, and 6 remain available.

Click the Trophy icon at the bottom of the 52MP website for prize winner details and prizes remaining to be claimed.

Six Prizes Still Available!

“We’ve updated the 52 Master Pieces website with a new feature called ‘How to Solve a Master Piece.’ Six prizes are still available, so if you’ve been wondering how the contest works and hoping to win one of the prizes, click the big new button on the first page of the site (52masterpieces.com) and give it a try.

Now that the underlying contest method has been revealed, we hope that puzzle enthusiasts like you will take this opportunity to revisit the site and share this project with teachers, students, and curious minds of all ages. As always, the site is free (with no ads), with a simple goal of promoting ‘enthusiasm-based learning’ by sharing our favorite collection of classic and original puzzles.” – David Cohen, 52MP Creator

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