CoM | A Periodic Table of Polyform Puzzles

Sunday March 21, 2021
– Live Presentation with Kate Jones –


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A Periodic Table of Polyform Puzzles

Kate Jones defines, illustrates and describes 12 different types of polyform puzzles, in quaint rhyming couplets of verse, showing the mathematical progression from the singularity to open-ended growth. Polyominoes, polyiamonds, polyhexes, polytans, polyrounds, polyhops, polybends, polyocts, polyores, polyrhombs and polyrombiks are included in this purview, showing some beautiful arrangements of each set. It concludes with musings upon how mathematics is the heart of the Universe.

Kate Jones is the President for Kadon Enterprises, Inc., since 1979. She is a game and puzzle designer working with recreational mathematics. Further she is a Graphic artist, editor and proofreader.

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