CoM | Playing with Math: Squares and Cubes

Saturday August 21, 2021
– Live Presentation with Cindy Lawrence

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Playing with Math: Squares and Cubes
Meet Cindy Lawrence, one of the original founders of MoMath and its current Executive Director and CEO, and join her in an exploration of squares and cubes, MoMath-style.  What surprises might these simple shapes hold?  Hear the story of how three squares attracted three thousand people and generated press three thousand miles away…see what happens when you spin, slice, twist, and roll a square, and watch the crazy (but predictable!) path that ensues…play with an addictively beautiful interactive exhibit that sits within a square…and become mesmerized by the secret shapes hidden within cubes, if only you know where to look for them.  Plus, take a pictorial walk through MoMath, hear some inside stories about how the Museum began, and see if you can identify some of the many familiar figures who have literally walked right through a glass cube in order to enter the wonderful world of mathematics.

Cindy R. Lawrence is a lifelong math enthusiast whose career began in accounting and finance, segued into professional education, and ultimately landed her as the Executive Director and CEO of MoMath, the National Museum of Mathematics. In her role with the Museum, Lawrence focuses on the creative design process for exhibits and programs as well as ongoing oversight of all aspects of Museum operations, with a focus on public outreach, engagement, and demonstrating to audiences of all ages and backgrounds that math can be interactive, exciting, and fun.

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