CoM | Connecting the Dots

Tuesday December 21, 2021
– Live Presentation with Bob Bosch

Session at Noon ET* (Atlanta Time).
(*) 17:00 UTC/GMT

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Connecting the Dots
If someone gives us a collection of points, how should we connect them? Should we try to pair them up? Should we try to join them together to form a single loop? Should we try something else? And once we’ve decided on the rules we’re going to follow, how should we go about trying to achieve the best result? In this talk, I will share how I use graph theory and mathematical optimization to design connect-the-dots eye candy: labyrinths, knight’s tours, TSP Art, and string art.

Robert (Bob) Bosch is professor of mathematics at Oberlin College and an award-winning writer and artist. He specializes in optimization, the field of study concerned with optimal performance. His sculpture Embrace was awarded first prize at the 2010 Mathematical Art Exhibition in San Francisco. His book “Opt Art: From Mathematical Optimization to Visual Design” was published by Princeton University Press.

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