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Tuesday June 21, 2022
– Live Presentation with Carlota Simões

Session at Noon ET (Atlanta Time).*
(*) 16:00 UTC/GMT

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Mathematics of Jazz
Reflection or rotation are words we use frequently in mathematics and generally are associated with the sense of vision. But it is possible to exemplify the same concepts using the sense of hearing, by using music. If in the first case the coordinates of the plane are width and height, in the second case the variables are time and pitch, and instead of vision, hearing and memory are necessary to recognize symmetry.
In this session we are going to analyze various musical examples from different periods and styles, including jazz, as well as their translation into mathematical language.

Carlota Simões has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Twente, Netherlands. She is Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology and member of the Center of Physics of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. She was Director of the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra (2015-2019). In 2016, on International Women’s Day, she was one of the Portuguese researchers honoured by Ciência Viva, in a book and exhibition dedicated to Women in Science. Presently, she is member of the Governing Board of the International Day of Mathematics (IDM).
She is the author of Descobre a Matemática (Discover Mathematics) and the co-author of Descobre o Som (Discover Sound) (both books on science for children).
Her main interests are history and comunication of science.

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