CoM | Dividing the circle, a problem for both mathematicians and artists

Wednesday September 21, 2022
– Live Presentation with Pedro Freitas

Session at Noon ET (Atlanta Time).*
(*) 16:00 UTC/GMT

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Dividing the circle, a problem for both mathematicians and artists
The problem of dividing the circle in equal parts has accompanied the history of mathematics, with contributions ranging from Euclid to Gauss. The problem was also addressed by artists such as Dürer, with different motivations and points of view. In this talk we will briefly overview a few of these contributions, and see how some 20th century artwork has even taken this topic as one of its central themes.
Pedro Freitas has a PhD in mathematics, is Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and a member of the Interuniversity Center for the History and Philosophy of Sciences.
His teaching and research are mainly related to the history of mathematics, recreational mathematics and relations between mathematics and art – in particular, he has been collaborating for some years in the study of the geometric work of Almada Negreiros. He is also involved in mathematical outreach.

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