CoM | Fantastic Folds – The Mathematical Secrets of Origami

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
 – Live Presentation with Philipp Legner

Session at Noon ET (Atlanta Time).*
(*) 17:00 UTC/GMT

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There will be a Gather session at the conclusion of the talk, for socializing.  To be added to the attendance list to be able to join please contact us via

Algorithmic Puzzle Design
Origami not only looks beautiful but also has important real-life applications – from solar panels in space to stents in your blood vessels. In this talk, we’ll explore Origami axioms, impossible constructions, unsolved problems in polygon folding, current research into folding algorithms and protein folding, and more. We will also discuss how Origami can be used in education: to get more students excited about mathematics and make abstract concepts more accessible.
Philipp is the founder of, an award-winning platform for learning mathematics, that makes online learning more interactive and engaging than ever before. In 2021, Mathigon was acquired by Amplify, one of the leading curriculum publishers in the US. Philipp studied mathematics at Cambridge University, mathematics education at UCL, and previously worked as software engineer at Google, Bloomberg and Wolfram Research.

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