CoM | Designing Deceptions

Friday, April 21, 2023
 – Live Presentation with Matt Pritchard

Session at 12 Noon ET Atlanta Time
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After this virtual CoM presentation on Zoom, we will meet for an informal social session in a different Zoom space where we can all see each other (see the blue button below).  That Zoom meeting will start around 1pm ET.

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Designing Deceptions
Optical illusions have both an aesthetic and scientific appeal as they question our perception of reality. This talk will deconstruct the development process of creating new illusions. Charting the journey from first inspiration, through practical hurdles, to the final design and public impact. It will also explain how optical principles, smart materials, and even typographical word play can be exploited in magic effects. The speaker, Dr Matt Pritchard, is a previous winner of the international Best Illusion of the Year Contest. Since the pandemic lockdown, his work has focused on creating novel illusion videos that have delighted/frustrated the magic community and have been described by Popular Mechanics as “charmingly analogue”.  
Dr Matt Pritchard is a science magician and illusion designer. Previously Matt conducted atomic physics research at Durham University, UK. He subsequently went on to work within the Education department at Thinktank Science Museum before setting up his own science communication company. In addition to this experience, he has spent the last 21 years working as a professional magician and is an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle – one of only 300 people in the world to hold this distinction.  In 2021 he won the international Best Illusion of the Year contest for his “Phantom Queen” entry.

1 thought on “CoM | Designing Deceptions

  1. Dan Garrett Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Pritchard’s CoM talk. Fantastic! I tried to join the social gathering by clicking on the link given during the talk, and later by clicking the social link above. Neither time was I let into the room. That’s my life, sigh.

    Dan “Always on the outside looking in” Garrett, SAM Past National President, MIMC w/ Gold Star (London)

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