CoM | Martin Gardner & Scientific American: Columns, Books, Legacy

Saturday , October 21, 2023
 – Live Presentation with Peter Renz

Session at 12 Noon Atlanta time
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Martin Gardner & Scientific American: Columns, Books, Legacy

Martin Gardner and I were thrown together almost half a century ago in the hopes that we might put together some profitable projects for Scientific American, our mutual employer.  This worked better and longer than our masters could have imagined.  We did various books for Freeman and at the MAA.  We steered people to each other, Benoit Mandelbrot and Lynn Gamwell among them.  Set up the MAA’s Gardner CD and worked on the second editions of his Mathematical Games books.  All this made me aware the people who contributed to this enterprise: artists, editors, business people, and most of all those like you who read and contributed to Mathematical Games.
Those who want to prepare themselves to join the depth of this amazing journey can read the following article.
Peter Renz is a mathematician and editor. He has taught at Reed, Wellesley, and Bard Colleges and worked for W. H. Freeman and Company, the mathematical Association of America, Birkhauser, Boston, and Academic Press. H brought many of Martin Gardner’s books to the MAA and made arrangements for his MAA CD and for the MAA/Cambridge second editions.  Mathematics, mountains, and books are my passions.

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