Martin, Raymond, Alice, and DORIS in Wonderland

24oct4:00 pm4:00 pmMartin, Raymond, Alice, and DORIS in Wonderland

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We will celebrate Martin Gardner’s 100th birthday at the House of Polyhedra by diving into some of Martin Gardner’s passions. This year we will connect Festival of Mind international event (Vojvodina, Serbia) and our Celebration of Mind V. 1) Izidor Hafner will present some Demonstrations Based on Martin Gardner Problems. 2) We will browse through Raymond Smullyan’s Four Lives book. 3) Zdravko Živković from Novi Sad (AP Vojvodina) will present his fantastic creative logic puzzle game DORIS. 4) Bogdan Soban will demonstrate his Generative Art. 5) Penrose Tiles that Martin liked and wrote about will be represented with some artworks by Teja KraÅ¡ek. 6) Thanks to Robert Fathauer we will build Rhombic triacontahedra with lizard tessellations. 7) Thanks to ThinkFun we’ll try to vanish the Cheshire Cat. 8) Thanks to Kate Jones we’ll try to solve The MARTIN 6×6 Challenge. And some more fun surprises to come…Duration: 5 hours.


(Friday) 4:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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