G4G (1993) thru G4G4 (2000) Recaps

G4G thru G4G4

G4G4 → 2000


G4G3 → 1998


G4G2 → 1996

At the second gathering, members began retroactively referring to the first event as G4G1.

G4G(1) → 1993

The first Gathering for Gardner was the only G4G event that Martin Gardner actually attended.


Share Your Memories

The G4G Foundation is working to compile a record of each past Gathering (G4Gn). We’re looking for:

  • Your favorite presentations
  • Anecdotes about the gathering: funny stores, great interactions, ah-ha moments
  • Event photos
  • Links to articles and blog posts about the event

If you have memories you would like to share with the G4G community, please send your thoughts, photos or links to: support@g4gfoundation.org 

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