G4G11 (2014) Recap

G4G11 Recap

G4G11 Themes

  • The Number 11
  • John Horton Conway
  • Martin Gardner Centennial

Recap by George Groth

Magic, Puzzles Delight Math Fans at G4G
Posted to Scientific American blog on April 1st, 2014

“From March 20-23, Atlanta attracted hundreds of people with diverse backgrounds who communicated in the lingua franca of Martin Gardner. Perhaps the last true polymath, Gardner has inspired so many people over the last five decades that they are almost compelled to seek each other out and share their latest discoveries…”


Recap by Kadon Enterprises

A short recap of their experiences at G4G11.

Share Your Memories

The G4G Foundation is working to compile a record of each past Gathering (G4Gn). We’re looking for:

  • Your favorite presentations
  • Anecdotes about the gathering: funny stores, great interactions, ah-ha moments
  • Event photos
  • Links to articles and blog posts about the event

If you have memories you would like to share with the G4G community, please send your thoughts, photos or links to: support@g4gfoundation.org 

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