G4G14 (2022) Recap


Noteworthy G4G14 Stats

  • G4G14 had 343 official conference registrants (253 in-person and 90 online), plus 29 guests.
  • 228 people attended the GA Tech offsite.
  • Themes:
    • The Number 14
    • Alice in Wonderland


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Event Photos

Official Photos:

Ritz Ballroom G4G14

Entertainment G4G14

Attendee Submitted Photos:

I ran into cube master David Plaxco one evening and while we talked he was fiddling with one of his 5 x 5 x 5 cubes. He did not even seem to be looking at it and then suddenly handed it to me and said “This is a gift”. He had permuted my name “ET” onto four sides of the cube! Not only that, there were perfect bullseyes on the top and bottom. – ET Trigg


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10 thoughts on “G4G14 (2022) Recap

  1. Colm Mulcahy Reply

    After a 2-year delay, we finally hosted (a hybrid) G4G14 in Atlanta last week, and we were thrilled to see y’all in person and virtually.

    Lots of friendly familiar faces, and a fair selection of first-time attendees, too! Self-renewal is so important, as is more diverse representation. It was great to welcome new talent to our ever-expanding family of “curious Gardners of the mind”.

    What made G4G14 special for you? Please feel free to leave comments here!

    The 2-year delay did not come cheap, but the extra work and expenditure (and waiting) is finally behind us: G4G14 was exciting and vibrant and rewarding. We missed those who could not be with us, especially those who passed away since the previous meeting in 2018. The beauty of G4G is that surprising innovative ideas keep bubbling to the surface, and we saw ample evidence of that last weekin the talks, performances, and sculpture builds!

    Thanks for all of your support and energy and ideas. This is YOUR community.

    See you in Gather.town, on Zoom and YouTube, and who knows where else. Remember to check https://www.gathering4gardner.org/category/news-announcements frequently, and don’t miss the Homage to G4G founder Tom Rogers on Thursday, April 21 https://www.gathering4gardner.org/com-2022-4-21 .

    We always welcome donations at https://www.gathering4gardner.org/donate . I just donated there myself.


  2. Teja Reply

    Wow, another blast of a conference! Thank you so much, extra thanks for your extra efforts, G4G Team. ❤️🙏❤️

  3. Adam Atkinson Reply

    Thank you for offering the remote attendance option this year: It really didn’t seem wise to travel to the US for a live G4G. The talks worked very well for remote attendees. I hope to be able to attend in person at G4G15.

  4. David Plaxco Reply

    I’m still processing what a great conference it was this year!

    This was my second G4G and I’ve been reflecting on how different the experience was from the first. At the first G4G, yes, I met a lot of people, but I also learned a lot of names of folks. In the interim, I was able to draw connections between this organization and other places where I’d seen the same folks’ names. This time around, I understood connections between peoples’ work and interests that I didn’t realize before. That made the experience much better. I look forward to future meeting, when those connections (and my connection to those people) will be stronger still!

    I’m sure other folks have had a similar experience this week of trying to convey exactly what G4G is like, only to fall back on – “it was the nerdiest, most awesome three days you could imagine.” I was sharing stories with a friend who replied, “It sounds like you’ve found your people.” HA!

    BIG thank you’s to the organizers, workers, and volunteers for such a wonderful experience – both in-person and online.

  5. Jim Propp Reply

    It was wonderful to be able to see all the talks remotely! Thanks to all those whose hard work made this possible. I would like to see the hybrid option continue even after the pandemic ends, as this would broaden the impact of G4G by making it available to people of limited means who can’t afford the cost of travel and hotel accommodations.

  6. ET Trigg Reply

    I ran into cube master David Plaxco one evening and while we talked he was fiddling with one of his 5 x 5 x 5 cubes. He did not even seem to be looking at it and then suddenly handed it to me as a gift! He had permuted my name “ET” onto four sides of the cube! This is so typical of the brilliance and adroitness that you constantly run into at G4G. I stayed up until 2 or 3 am every night talking to interesting people I had met. I stumbled into a personal two hour demonstration of Hashlife from Bill Gosper for goodness sake!

    The intellectual stimulation was intense.

    Alice in Wonderland may have been one of the themes, but for me the Wonderland was all around me in these fabulously interesting people. I personally find the number 14 kind of boring and cannot wait until G4G17.
    Boy do I have an awesome talk I can give about that integer!

  7. Chaim Goodman-Strauss Reply

    Wonderful to be back together, for a great event.
    Thank you organizers, for all your hard work! An exceptional time.

  8. Soni Shader Huffman Reply

    Thank you for the lovely time. It was so wonderful to greet old friends and make new friends.

    My biggest surprise? I had made friends with Art Terlap Thursday night. His Friday talk included a slide thanking Les Shader, my dad, for bringing him to G4G9.

    I was looking forward to seeing Antonio Peticov. He spent an hour with my daughter at G4G12 and he inspired her to change her plans from an Associate’s degree to an MFA. She’s now a senior. Antonio was the first person I recognized on Wednesday night!

  9. Neil Calkin Reply

    Once again, a fantastic time at G4G: sorry that it took so long to get back there, but happy at how it turned out!
    Also delighted at the number of new attendees — and that all of the new attendees I’ve talked to had an absolute blast:-) Not a surprise there!

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