G4G7 (2006) Recap

G4G7 Recap

G4G7 – Atlanta, Georgia – Spring 2006

Recap in Seed Magazine

Encountering the Threshold of Humankind’s Capacity for Mathematical Gamesmanship, at the Annual Gathering for Gardner
Posted in Seed Magazine on June 15th, 2006

“During his presentation in the chandelier-festooned ballroom of Atlanta’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Akihiro Matsuura motioned to the Plexiglas cylinder lying horizontally in front of him and asked his audience what path an elastic rubber ball would take if rolled along the cylinder’s interior wall…”


Recap by Kadon Enterprises

A short recap of their experiences at G4G7.

Recap by Erik Hermansen, Caravel Games

Gathering for Gardner 7

My First DROD Speech

Share Your Memories

The G4G Foundation is working to compile a record of each past Gathering (G4Gn). We’re looking for:

  • Your favorite presentations
  • Anecdotes about the gathering: funny stores, great interactions, ah-ha moments
  • Event photos
  • Links to articles and blog posts about the event

If you have memories you would like to share with the G4G community, please send your thoughts, photos or links to: support@g4gfoundation.org 

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