G4G9 (2010) Recap

G4G9 Recap

G4G9 – Atlanta, Georgia – March 24-28 2010

There were seventy-five presentations that ranged in length from 10 minutes to one-half hour.


Recap by Alex Bellos

Magic Numbers: A Meeting of Mathemagical Tricksters
Posted to New Scientist on May 24th, 2010

“Gary Foshee, a collector and designer of puzzles from Issaquah near Seattle walked to the lectern to present his talk. It consisted of the following three sentences: ‘I have two children. One is a boy born on a Tuesday. What is the probability I have two boys?’….”

Includes a photo gallery and link to an assessment of Martin Gardner’s career.

Recap By Robert Crease

Gathering for Gardner — Homage to the Iconic Author of Scientific American’s Mathematical Games Column
Posted in the Wall Street Journal on April 2nd, 2010

“Last Saturday afternoon, on a Japanese-landscaped hillside at the outskirts of Atlanta, several clusters of people were constructing mathematically inspired sculptures of metal, bamboo and balloons. Nearby, a magician showed a mathematician how to “throw” a knot. Others had their photographs taken in an optical illusion they had built, an “impossible box” that from one perspective made people look simultaneously behind and inside it….”


Recap by Kandon Enterprises

A short recap of their experiences at G4G9.


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