Israel’s Celebration of Mind Event Is on the Map!

Israel was one of our first international countries that took part in Celebration of Mind. The events have been going strong every year, hosting hundreds of participants that flock from all over the country to Rehovot, a small “university” town just south of Tel Aviv. The celebrations are held every year at the Weizmann Institute of Science, a leading scientific research and graduate studies center, and organised by its educational arm – the Davidson Institute of Science Education.

The Institute is well-known for its many recreational math activities, aimed at getting young and old excited, intrigued and curious about math and creating as many “Aha!” moments as possible. Many international “G4G” figures have participated in our different initiatives, delivering presentations and workshops, including Solomon Golomb, Aviezri Fraenkel, Bob Friedhoffer, Lior Manor and, most recently, Ann Schwartz who delivered a series of workshops on flexagons.

Activities, among others, include the (English, Hebrew and Arabic) Math-by-Mail  and Science-by-Mail Online recreational math courses for kids, the national recreational math, puzzles and games conference held annually the last week in May, and of course the October 21st Celebration of Mind.

Last year, a first-time live online international competition was held during the event and was a great success. Portugal and Israel duelled and challenged each other with 2-minute puzzles. This year, we hope many more countries will sign up and join the competition that will be held at 14:00 EST (21:00 Israel time). More information will be posted closer to the event.

The 2015 celebration is now on the map! Have you registered your event?

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