Jim Propp

Presenter Name: Jim Propp

City, State/Province, Country: Boston, MA, USA
Field of Work/Study: Mathematics

Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Email Address: JamesPropp@gmail.com
Phone Number: 
Primary Website: http://jamespropp.org
Secondary Website: http://mathenchant.org
Twitter: @JimPropp

Preferred Audience Type(s):

  • Elementary School Kids
  • Middle School Kids
  • High Schoolers
  • College Students
  • Recent College Grads
  • Adults

Preferred Audience Size:

  • Small Groups (Under 30 attendees)
  • Medium-Size Groups (30 to 100 attendees)

Open to Presenting Remotely via Online Video-Conference Tools? Yes, Jim is available for remote video-presenting via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout.

Short Bio: I discovered Martin Gardner’s “Mathematical Games” column when I was young, and becoming a mathematician gave me a way to keep alive my youthful passion for the subject. I got my Ph.D. in 1987, and have done research in combinatorics, probability, dynamical systems, and the theory of games. I love tilings, cellular automata, puzzles, games, music, words, and questions with surprising answers. I enjoy leading kinesthetic activities with a mathematical component. About a year ago I began blogging about math, posting monthly “Mathematical Enchantments” essays modeled on Gardner’s column.

Honoraria are generally appreciated by our presenters, in addition to travel expenses. If you would like Jim to present at your event, please send him an email to make arrangements.