Kate Jones

Presenter Name: Kate Jones

City, State/Province, Country: Pasadena, MD, USA
Field of Work/Study: Game design, recreational mathematics, mosaic puzzles, graphic art, poetry, editing, proofreading, writing. Formerly 30 years as ballroom dance teacher.

Preferred Method of Contact: Email
Email Address: kate@gamepuzzles.com
Website: http://www.gamepuzzles.com
Secondary Website: https://www.facebook.com/gamepuzzles

Preferred Audience Type(s):

  • Teachers
  • Homeschoolers, families
  • Geeks, thinkers, creatives
  • Adults

Preferred Audience Size:

  • Small Groups (Under 30 attendees)  
  • Medium-Size Groups (30 to 100 attendees)  
  • Large Groups (100 to 300 attendees)  
  • Very Large Groups (Over 300 attendees)

Open to Presenting Remotely via Online Video-Conference Tools?

  • Yes, these days I prefer remote presentation but in person is OK if needed.

Short Bio: Kate Jones is President of Kadon Enterprises, Inc., since 1970. Chief designer and presenter of original, recreational mathematics puzzles and games—geometrics, mosaics, polyforms, tilings and tessellations, abstract strategy. All produced by Kadon in Maryland. Kate also does editing, writing, proofreading, graphic design, website management for Kadon, and marketing at art shows. Combinatorics is the special field Kate works in, with a strong interest in physical puzzles and philosophical concepts. See the website, www.gamepuzzles.com, for more biographical information and the results of 41 years of product development. Custom design work is also invited. One special annual event of note is the Maryland Renaissance Festival, where Kadon has a pavilion, Ye Olde Gamery, the last weekend of which is dedicated to the Celebration of Mind honoring Martin Gardner’s birthday. See brief reports of each year’s event here: www.gamepuzzles.com/kadon.htm#gcom

Honoraria are generally appreciated by our presenters, in addition to travel expenses.

However, Kate Jones in lieu of honoraria prefers the opportunity of showing and selling the physical products in an exhibit area. Travel expense and lodging is appreciated when in-person appearance is required.