National Math Festival

Come experience the many facets of Celebration of Mind! Cut, color, fold, and glue mathematical illusions, discover the many faces of a flexagon, and construct surprising shapes out of mobius strips. Play with hands-on puzzles and solve problems created by the Julia Robinson Math Festival. Come see Colm Mulcahy, professor of mathematics at Spelman College, demonstrate classic mathematical magic principles with a deck of cards, as popularized by Martin Gardner’s writings. It’s truly amazing how mathematics, not sleight of hand, makes possible magical miracles involving prediction and mind reading. Engage in some interesting board games and learn some of the mathematics which underlies their strategies. One of these games is Amazons, in which each of two players controls several pieces. Each Amazon moves around the board like a chess queen and then shoots an arrow which destroys the square on which it lands. The winner is the player whose opponent is first unable to move.

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival will present a wide range of intriguing problems, puzzles, and games to share the joy of math with students of all ages. Participants can select a problem they find interesting, and work together with their friends or helpful adults to discover a solution — or unexpected results. Younger kids may find themselves particularly drawn to such hands-on activities as Space Chips and ThinkFun’s Chocolate Fix, while older students will appreciate the depth and complexity of problems like Difference Engine and Building Blocks.

Location: Smithsonian’s Ripley Center, Discovery Theater.

LOCATION: Smithsonian’s Ripley Center DATE: April 18, 2015 TIME: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


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