Friday News Mar 10: G4G15 New Dates, Gather Social, Upcoming Virtual CoM

  • IMPORTANT: G4G15 Date Change!

    Be sure to update your calendar, the dates for the 15th Gathering 4 Gardner conference have changed to the following:

    Wednesday, February 21 – Sunday, February 25, 2024

    We know it’s not possible to pick dates that will work for everyone, and we do the best we can to avoid conflicts with other major events within our community. Please bookmark the G4G15 info page on our website and stay tuned for additional updates and announcements!

  • Social

    Our events continue every Saturday at 12 noon ET (17:00 UTC) in Upcoming get togethers are:

    – Saturday 11 Mar Jim Henle will lead a discussion of an art that is:

1. Virtually unknown.
2. But enjoyed by billions!
3. Has a precise, rigorous definition.
4. But is wildly diverse!
5. Began exploding about fifty years ago,
6. led by Martin Gardner.
7. It’s actually thousands of years old!
8. But virtually unknown (as an art).

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