Friday News Mar 31: G4G Weekend Socials

  • G4G Weekend Socials

    For about 2 years, many of us have been meeting socially each Saturday at 12 noon in themed (and unthemed) spaces in a Social.  The Gathertown platform has changed its pricing structure, making it more difficult, unpredictable and expensive for us to use.

    We predict two big changes in this regard, starting the weekend AFTER this one:
    1. We will Switch to Zoom Meeting Room.  (the URL is to be shared coming week)
    2. Our meeting will switch to Sundays, at 12 noon Atlanta time.
    Planned coming weekend social sessions:
    Sat  1 Apr, Vince Matsko on “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers” [Still on Gather.Town see below]
    Sun 9 Apr, Des MacHale on “the poetry of George Boole”
    Sun 16 Apr, The Unexpected Indictment
    Sun 23 Apr, Cesco Reale on “Connections between maths and languages”
    We welcome theme suggestions for the G4G Weekend Socials.
  • Social

    This Saturday Gathertown social will be the last in its current format. See above for G4G Weekend Socials. On Saturday at 12 noon ET (Atlanta Local Time),  in, Vince Matsko will lead the second  monthly session on “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers”. This thematic session will continue to happen every first Sunday of the month in the G4G Weekend Socials on Zoom after.

  • Pencil & Paper Puzzlers

    This Saturday at 12 noon ET (Atlanta Local Time),  in we will hold the second instalment of “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers” by Vince Matsko. Vince writes:

    Hello, Pencil & Paper Puzzlers!
    We are still working out organizational details for the future, but will be meeting at Gathertown this coming Saturday.  Those who would like to have a puzzle critiqued, please upload to the folder in my Google drive.  This location is likely temporary, but will serve until a more permanent solution is found.  I will also be uploading some logic puzzles.  Remember, we'll begin with three ten-minute critiques of puzzles, followed by two discussions.  One will be on puzzle design for those of us who create puzzles, and the other will be a room where participants can work together to solve some logic puzzles.
    Hope to see you there!

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