Friday News Apr 07: G4G Weekend Socials

  • G4G Weekly Socials

    Starting this Sunday, April 9, 2023. Our weekly Socials are held on Sunday on a new Zoom link at 12 noon Atlanta time. (Please note that those wishing to continue to use our Gathertown space for get togethers are welcome to do so, 24/7, bearing in mind that there is a limit of 10 people at one time.)

    We are using the Zoom Meeting platform (not Zoom Webinar as we do for our monthly CoM presentations on the 21st). So for these Sundays socials we will all be able to see each other.

    Planned coming weekend social sessions:
    Sat  1 Apr, Vince Matsko on “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers” [Still on Gather.Town see below]
    Sun 9 Apr, Des MacHale on “the poetry of George Boole”
    Sun 16 Apr, The Unexpected Indictment
    Sun 23 Apr, Cesco Reale on “Connections between maths and languages”
    We welcome theme suggestions for the G4G Weekend Socials. All information can be found here.
  • THIS SUNDAY APRIL 9 ZOOM SOCIAL “The Poetry of George Boole”

    This Sunday at 12 noon ET (Atlanta Local Time),  on Zoom we will hold the first Weekly Zoom Social the theme is “The Poetry of George Boole”:

    Three of Martin Gardner's books dealt with verse and poetry ("Oddities and Curiosities of Words and Literature", "Best Remembered Poems", and "Martin Gardner's Favorite Poetic Parodies"), and he even published some rhymes under the alias Armand T. Ringer.

    Many notable mathematicians from the past also wrote poetry, including George Boole and William R. Hamilton. This Sunday, join us when Boole biographer Des MacHale treats us to some of “The poetry of George Boole”.

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