Friday News May 19: Upcoming CoM, G4G Weekend Socials

  • Next Sunday: May Virtual Celebration of Mind (CoM)

    This Sunday, May 21, at 12 noon Atlanta time (check the time for you here), we return for another Virtual Celebration of mind. The title of this months presentation is “Cardano, the Physician and Mathematician, in His Role as a Gambler in the 16th Century” by Carla Cardoso.
    This presentation will happen on Zoom Webinar. We’ll also meet in the Weekly Social Zoom Room, where everyone will be able to see eachother, right after this presentation.

  • G4G Weekly Socials

    Our weekly Socials are held on Sunday at 12 noon Atlanta time (check the time for you here).

    We are using the Zoom Meeting platform here.(not Zoom Webinar as we do for our monthly CoM presentations on the 21st). So for these Sundays socials we will all be able to see each other.

    Upcoming sessions:
    Sun 28 Skott Kim “Let’s discuss Grant Sanderson’s talk “Math’s Pedagogical Curse”
    Sun 4 June Vince Matsko “Pencil & Paper Puzzlers” is now (31-05-2023) replaced with a special session:
    Celebrating thethe new Spectre tiling.
    Sun 11 June Erika Roldán “Gamification”
    We welcome theme suggestions for the G4G Weekend Socials. All information can be found here.
  • G4GWS Sun 28: Let’s discuss Grant Sanderson’s talk “Math’s Pedagogical Curse”

    Grant Sanderson, creator of the outstanding math explainer YouTube channel "3 Blue 1 Brown", recently gave a landmark talk at the Joint Math Meetings in Boston this last January, where he pinpointed the reasons mathematicians are so often bad at explaining what they do to a lay audience, and proposed some guidelines for creating more audience-friendly explanations. You can watch the original video here
    In this session Scott Kim is going to build on the talk by Grant. It will start with a summary followed by a discussion of how we can improve and act on his list of guidelines.

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