One Member’s Take on MathsJam

Submitted by Belinda Keir

MathsJam is a world-wide movement where people get together for a social evening to share and solve mathematical games and puzzles. If you are looking for your local MathsJam they will be the group of noisy people at your local pub, usually sitting around table full of bits of paper and odds and ends. Meetings always happen at 7:00 pm on the second-last Tuesday of each month, and during the evening groups will share what they are doing via the MathsJam Twitter page.


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Aberdeen, Antwerp, Auckland, Bangkok, Bath, Baton Rouge, Berlin, Birmingham, Bombay, Brighton, Brisbane, Brunei, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chicago, Delhi, East Dorset, Edinburgh, Ghent, Guelph, ON, Guildford, Kolkata, Lagos, Leeds, Leuven, Leicester, Lincoln, Lisbon, London, Lund, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oshawa, Oslo, Oxford, Peterborough, Phoenix, Portsmouth, San Antonio, Sheffield, Stockholm, Swansea, Sydney, Tacoma, Winnipeg and York.

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