Remembering Ivan Moscovich

It is with great sadness that G4G notes the death of Ivan Moscovich (June 14, 1926 – April 21, 2023). 

We are collecting here some recollections from various members of the G4G community. If you have any anecdotes, memories, or tributes that you would like to share, please email us at

Ivan’s Family Tribute Webpage

Ivan’s family is working to preserve his remembrances online in a central location. Tributes shared with G4G will be passed along to the Moscovich family. If you shared tributes to Ivan on social media, please consider submitting them to the family webpage for their records.

Updates in regards to Ivan’s memorial service will also be posted on the Family Tribute Website:

Ivan was one of the most enjoyable, energetic, and kind gentlemen I have had the pleasure to know. He always made time for me and we discussed many fun puzzle ideas over the years. It is so rare to meet special people like Ivan and written words don’t seem to do him justice. You had to know him to get the full flavor.


-Terry Stickels

Ivan Moscovich
Ivan Moscovich
Ivan was always curious. I first met him through the impromptu dinners that Mark Setteducati held during toy fair. I had the good fortune to walk the toy fair aisles with him and later see him at G4G’s. We developed a warm friendship. I introduced him to the architect Felix Gula in NYC late one night in an upper east side deli where they shared stories. They both had Buckminster Fuller stories.  Ivan’s story was about having been introduced to RBF in Israel at his hands on science museum.  Ivan had made a gift of a mirrored kaleidoscope that formed an icosahedron when looking into it.  Years later in NYC, during a toy fair, Ivan was entering the elevator in his hotel lobby.  A man bolted out head down and bumped heads with Ivan. Looking up, it was Buckminster Fuller, who immediately said something to the effect “you’re the mirror guy!” He then added they at least should sit and have coffee. They talked for hours. The last time I saw Ivan was in Chicago for his CHITAG 2019 Toy Fair honors. We visited the CLOUDGATE sculpture the day he was leaving. 
I will miss his friendship and his insights.
Dick Esterle
Very sorry to learn of Ivan’s passing. He survived Nazi concentration-camp horrors, and had an extraordinary career.
Lew Goldklang
Ivan Moscovich
Ivan Moscovich
Ivan Moscovich
I had been aware of Ivan for some time, but it was after
one of the Gatherings for Gardner (I don’t remember which) where we ended up on the Monday morning just sitting and chatting.  My flight was later in the day, so we had time to sit, chat, have a coffee, and say goodbye to people as they left for their flights.

So I learned some of his history, and what an amazing story he had to tell. But he didn’t dwell on his past, he was all about carrying on, going forward, and working to encourage others in maths, puzzles, games, and thinking.

Similarly when my wife and I managed to catch up with him at an exhibition in London of some of his harmonograph art. We only had a couple of hours, but it was wonderful to spend time with a kind and gentle soul.  He had charm and grace, and he will be missed.

The world is poorer for his passing, but so much richer for his having been in it.
– Colin Wright

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