Remembering Laurie Brokenshire

It is with great sadness that G4G notes the death of longtime G4G community member Laurie Brokenshire (Oct 20, 1952 – Aug 4, 2017) from England.


Laurie with Balloons
Photo credit Lew Goldklang


A noted combinatorial and mechanical puzzle solver, who was reputed to have the largest collection of such puzzles in the UK, Laurie was also a renowned chess player, and accomplished magician. He found out soon before G4G12 that he had terminal brain cancer. His final year and a half were crammed with energetic activities including endurance swims with family members to raise money for various charities. He’d first swum the English Channel thirty years earlier, and he was known for cycling huge distances (with his wife Ethell) all over the globe to International Puzzle Parties (IPP). He organized the 2014 IPP34 in his native UK.

Lew Goldklang recalls:

“Laurie lived a full and energetic life. He was blessed with a quick, engaging, clever mind, a glowing cheerfulness, and a loving family. I admired his unusual skill at writing mirror-image cursive script fluently. He was an enthusiastic performer at the Gatherings, a reliable correspondent, and a good friend. He will be sorely missed.”

G4G board member Rob Jones concurs:

“Laurie was a good friend. He was one of the people I consulted as we were preparing for G4G12. His formidable skills as a magician, sharp analytical mind, and unsurpassed knowledge of mechanical puzzles distinguished him within the G4G community. It was his tremendous warmth, insatiable curiosity, and eagerness to share his knowledge, however, which we will miss the most. Everyone loved him.”


Laurie with G4G Group
Photo credit Lew Goldklang

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