Richard Guy 100th Birthday Collection

Beloved mathematician, Richard K Guy, turned 100 on Friday, September 30th. Many friends and fans put together tributes to mark this very special occasion. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites:

Richard K. Guy Turns 100 – by Colm Mulcahy, MAA
“Richard K. Guy has long reached an age when most people would be sitting back having left work behind for a few decades, but he’s still very active mathematically as he turns 100…”

An “Infinitely Rich” Mathematician Turns 100 – By Siobhan Roberts
“At the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome, in September of 1973, the Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdős approached his friend Richard Guy with a request. He said, “Guy, veel you have a coffee?”…”

Richard Guy 100th Birthday Tribute Song – YouTube Video
“Is There Still News For Me in that Old Geometry,” performed by Robert Schneider (Emory University) to the tune of the 1916 song “Is There Still Room for Me ’Neath the Old Apple Tree.” The lyrics were written by Guy’s old Cambridge friend Blanche Descartes.

Emeritus Professor Marks a Century of Life & Learning – By Erin Guiltenane, Faculty of Science
“Teacher, colleague, philanthropist, mountaineer, and treasured friend: the incomparable Richard Guy has worn many hats, and made his mark on the world from the United Kingdom to the summits of the Canadian Rockies…”

Richard Guy at 100 – By Kenneth Falconer, University of St Andrews
London Mathematical Society Newsletter
“Whilst Littlewood notes in his Miscellany that mathematicians have a tendency for longevity, reaching a century is still quite rare. Richard Guy, an LMS member since 1960, celebrates his 100th birthday on 30 September 2016 and, moreover, continues to be mathematically and physically active…”

Happy Birthday, Richard Guy! – Mathematical Association of America
“Just after the Mathematical Association of America celebrated its centennial year as an organization, the mathematical community is congratulating another centenarian…”

1 thought on “Richard Guy 100th Birthday Collection

  1. Dick Hess Reply

    Thinking of you on your special occasion.

    Just yesterday I told a friend the amusing story of a considerably younger colleague approaching you on your 90th and looking forward to your 100th. You eyed him for a moment or two and said “You look like you’ve got another 10 years left in you.”

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