The Game of Amazons

An Amazon queen is an immortal chess queen. Like a chess queen, she can move forward, backward, diagonally, or in a straight line. In this 2-player game, each player has three queens and will move one of the queens during their turn. The queen has an imaginary bow and arrow that she shoots at the end of the turn. The arrow can be shot forward, backward, or diagonally, marking a square that will be removed from the playing board — queens and arrows cannot move to a previously marked spot. The first player who is unable to move any of their queens or shoot an arrow loses.

  • Submitted by: Elwyn & Jennifer Berlekamp Foundation
  • Time Required: 30-60 minutes
  • You’ll Need: Chessboard (or an international checkerboard), four white and four black chess Queens, a supply of markers (checkers, poker chips, etc.)

Game of Amazon

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