Gathering 4 Gardner

G4G is a conference, a foundation, and a community of people who share some of Martin Gardner's many interests, which include recreational mathematics, puzzles, magic, and skepticism.

Celebration of Mind

The Gathering supports and organizes the annual Celebration of Mind.

Please enjoy our charming 2½ minute introduction to both CoM and to G4G:

The G4G Conference (Even Years)

G4G is a conference, a foundation, and a community of people who share some of Martin Gardner's many interests. He was an amateur mathematician, a puzzler, a professional magician, a debunker of pseudoscience, and a popular writer about all of these topics. He wrote more than 65 books and published a column, Mathematical Games, in Scientific American for 25 years, from 1957 to 1982. Because of his influence on countless readers, Gardner became known as the father of recreational mathematics — playful mathematical problems. Gardner's accessible, inviting prose and his ability to correspond with impressive numbers of readers gave the general public the opportunity to enjoy mathematics and to participate in mathematical research. Many of today's mathematicians entered the field at least in part due to Gardner's influence.

G4G13 will take place from the evening of Wednesday, April 11 — Sunday April 15, 2018. (Location to be determined.) Previous attendees may nominate invitees for G4G13 by using this nomination: [FORM]

Invitations are sent along with an individualized password so invitees can register and create their conference profile using a 'Conference Tool'.

G4G Wrap-ups

You can read various Wrap-ups of most of the G4G conferences.

ZomeTool builders at Saturday picnic
G4G 11 Saturday picnic. Photo by Gus Miller.


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