G4G13 (2018) Recap

G4G13 Recap

Noteworthy G4G13 Stats

  • G4G13 had 323 official conference registrants, plus 45 guests.
  • 280 people attended the Decatur offsite.
    • The public was invited to participate for the first time.
    • G4G presented juggling and sculpture-building activities to 70 kids at the Color Wheel art studio.
  • There were 20 Vendors and 20 Exhibitors.
  • Themes:
    • The Number 13
    • Rubik’s Cube
    • M.C. Escher

G4G13 on Social Media

Press Hits

Martin Gardner Would Have Smiled
Posted on the Physics World blog , on April 16th, 2018
By Robert Crease

“When Roxana started to juggle balls with her feet it was proof, if any were needed, that G4G is the most disciplinarily diverse conference around…”


Rubik’s Cube Inventor Visits Tech
Posted on Technique, on April 14th, 2018
By Zoie Konneker

“Ernő Rubik garnered quite the crowd this week upon his arrival at Tech for his special talk. Wednesday, April 11, Rubik visited Tech to give a lecture on a variety of topics, including design and architecture, the role of curiosity in the human condition and his perspective on more than four decades of the Rubik’s Cube…”


Attendee Recaps

Event Photos

Official Photos:

Attendee Submitted Photos:

Share Your Memories

The G4G Foundation is working to compile a record of each past Gathering (G4Gn). We’re looking for:

  • Event photos
  • Links to Press coverage
  • Personal blog posts about the event

If you have memories you would like to share with the G4G community, please send your thoughts, photos, or links to: support@g4gfoundation.org 

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