Weekly News Jan 28: Gather Social, New Book, Next CoM Presentations

    • Gather.town Social
      Our Gather.town events continue (the next session is this Saturday, Jan 29, at 12 noon ET– that’s 5pm GMT!). Two spaces are set up: Theme and No Theme. The theme for the Theme room this week is: “Quantifying Practice” withNicole Dieker
      (how to learn the most in the fewest repetitions).
      A week later, on Saturday, February 5 join Christian Lawson-Perfect on “The Aperiodical” blog
      Details Here.
    • New Book
      New book “Lewis Carroll’s Cats and Rats… and Other Puzzles with Interesting Tails” by Yossi Elran
    • Forthcoming presentations:

      Monday Feb 21, CoM: Jessica Sklar on Mathematical Art: Inspirations, Instantiations, and Installations
      Monday Mar 21, CoM: Des MacHale on Mathematics & Humour

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