Weekly News Apr 1: Gather Social, New Times Poll

    • Gather.town Social
      Our Gather.town events continue every Saturday. Saturday April 2 at 12 noon ET (17:00 UTC) in Gather.town two spaces are set up for like-minded people to chat about next week’s G4G14 conference:
      In-person G4G14 and Online G4G14

      Details on Gather.town Socials, here.
    •  We will soon switch the weekly Gather social time from Saturdays at 12 noon ET.  Would you prefer
      A.  2pm ET Saturdays
      B.  2pm ET Sundays
      C.  6pm ET Monday

      [No weekday time is going to be good for all working people from California to Berlin. ]

      You can leave your choice below in the comments as well as any rationale.

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